LA New Video Postings

Sean Gabb

Just added. Keep a watch on here – many new videos added every week:

18/04/2008 The First Chris R. Tame Memorial Lecture Slimming Down
Government David Myddelton A good lecture. One day I shall get the
spelling of the speaker’s name right!

10/05/2007 18 Doughty Street The Resignation of Tony Blair Sean Gabb On
a day when everyone else fills the airwaves with solemn tributes to “a
remarkable if flawed leader”, Sean glories in the political death of
“our worst peacetime Prime Minister in the past hundred years”, and
sprays the two Conservative activists present with scornful insults.–sig.mp3

23/10/2006 Sky News A DNA Database Sean Gabb, Tony Blair! Sean puts the
standard libertarian case against.

20/02/2006 Sky News Free Speech for David Irving Sean Gabb One of many
appearances that day.

04/10/2005 Speech to the Society for Individual Freedom The British
Cultural Revolution Sean Gabb Sean goes on and on about his favourite
subject. This was also the last time Chris R. Tame spoke in public

23/08/2005 ITV Central Extra Alcohol Licensing Sean Gabb Sean does
well. The bereaved parents are unintentionally funny. They were brought
on because it was supposed their daughter had died from drinking
alcohol. in fact, she merely collapsed while drunk. It was on the way to
hospital that the ambulance doors swung open and her trolley fell out
under the wheels of a vehicle following close behind. Yes – no one would
wish this on anyone, and it must have been an awful loss. But we all had
to struggle like mad to keep straight faces….

03/07/2005 BBC TV Heaven and Earth Show African Poverty Sean Gabb Sean
does well.

05/05/2005 Speech at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London
Comments on the General Election (video file) Sean Gabb Sean displays a
singular capacity to reach out to people of other ideological
persuasions and befriend and influence them….

15/02/2005 Debate at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London
“What’s Wrong with British Conservatism?” Sean Gabb Sean on very good
form – on against Boris Johnson, among others

03/02/2005 BBC TV Newsnight Drug Legalisation Sean Gabb A good

13/08/02 BBC TV Newsnight The Influence of Ayn Rand Chris R. Tame This
item was prompted by a whispering campaign within the Conservative
Party. Dr Tame comes into the discussion at 2’41” and is worth hearing.

15/03/1989 BBC 1, Wogan Show Health Fascism and Freedom Chris R. Tame
This is one of the very earliest television appearances involving Chris

15/02/1998 BBC1 Heart of the Matter Should Prostitution be legal? Chris
R. Tame This is a media appearance involving Chris R. Tame (1949-2006),
Founder-Director-President of the Libertarian Alliance.

15/03/89 BBC TV, The Wogan Show Tobacco Taxes Chris R. Tame Dr Tame’s
first big appearance on television, and a very fine performance. He
makes the health fascist against him look nasty, and even admit to being
a “fascist”. Also of note is Terry Wogan’s “hair”.

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