The prospects for private policing in the UK

David Davis

Tim Evans has kindly drawn my attention to this which I missed earlier:-

If one neighbourhood can do it, why not everywhere? We could soon make “The [State] Police” as redundant as the State Phone company, the State “Post Office”, and the State “hospitals”.


…history teaches us that it is very dangerous to allow “modern” “big” States, such as Russia, Prussia and the UK, to get involved in the minutiae and provision of policing services. Any sort of lefty mountebank could subvert their objectives.

One thought on “The prospects for private policing in the UK


    Sir Ian Blair doesn’t like it. He speaks of ‘enforcement’ which he thinks should be a state monopoly, which shows how far he has gone down the road to a police state. Policing is about policing crime – that is the detection and prosecution of criminals who have committed crimes. It has nothing to do with ‘enforcement’ of laws, since you do not have to ‘enforce’ people to behave, unless you have a police state, of course.

    Sir Ian obviously has never heard of Sir John Peel’s 9 Principles of Policing. Number 7 is ‘The police are the public, and the public are the police. The police are paid to do full time what the public do voluntarily part time.’ If the police paid for from monies stolen from the public are not performing their duties as the public wish, self provision is acceptable in a free society, just as self provision for education or health.

    Simon Reed vice chairman of the Police Federation agrees with Sir Ian.

    Seems that what those nice policemen really mean is that they think we live, or want us to live in a police state.

    Ahhh isn’t that sweet of them?

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