The sums differ but the principle’s the same

David Davis

You have to wonder: why do bureaucrats, working in safe offices, not under any sort of stress and not bound to any “targets” (although some penny-pinching ones will probably have been invented for them) need astonishingly generous bonuses? The story’s the same here but the sums are hyperbolic.

It would be less sad if the poor bloody squaddies were actually receiving adequate modern kit, and not having to get their mums to buy what they can for them instead. While we as minimal-statists are stuck with State Armies and Forces, we might as well try to make a good job of the thing.

One would like to think these over-rewarded pen-pushers will get somethng like the right come-uppance in the End-Times, when all wrongs are righted by a Libertarian revolution, but in practice the world does not seem to work that way. The Enemy Class triumphs all the time, it gets all the money, and then everyone else dies.



  • Because they can – good old human nature at work, of course.
    Another manifestation of the problem of who is going to police the policemen, and the pathetic belief in the sanctity of one’s “betters” who are not better but people who can manipulate committees to their advantage.

  • Very true, and there’ll be no come-uppance for anyone due to these failings. The best thing is not to enlist in the first place, by my reckoning. Get a job as a bureaucrat instead!

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