Rigged, as is natural

David Davis

Glasgow North-East

58% of 30%: that’s about 17% of the electors on the list. The GramscoFabiaNazis would almost certainly have got in anyway, so why they needed to rub the point home by stuffing all the boxes and issuing 12,000 postal votes is a mystery. Maybe they needed to show the sort of support for Brown that’s characteristic of the régime of the late Kim Jong-Il.

Socialism can be understood by any child: so why bother to try and force it to win, even after you have deliberately created a race of the buggers?

2 thoughts on “Rigged, as is natural

  1. And here was me thinking President Karzai was a crook! Are you sure there were 12,000 postal Votes? Where were the electoral commission?
    Jeepers! it’s even worse than I thought. Are they government appointed? Where were the Afghani monitors!

    • This government appointed itself, while our back was turned. The Berlin Wall fell, we cried and partied, shagged whoever was next to us at that moment, and went to bed for 20 years to sleep it off.

      But the GramscoFabiaNazis were very clever: they knew we’d do that if they pretended to lie down and play dead. And by then, they’d subverted two-thirds of the Chairs in our Universities.

      We ought to have rounded them up for an orgiastic barbecue (they would be the main dish) while we had the chance and they were falsely prostrate in their pretence of defeat.

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