LabourNazis “knew Chinooks must not be ordered for delivery now”…

…but “only for 2017”….otherwise we might win (and that would never do.) They could also delay the body-armour, for just long enough to demoralise the Army fully.

David Davis

(2017? Good, no earlier please, and as a bonus, after pulling out we can cancel the order! The benefits of this strategy are endless!)

Can’t we even rent some? If all that’s missing is helicopters, then Gordon should just print some money…


  • Where are you?

  • Imagine it, 1940. Churchill orders more Spitfires. Fine, the Ministry places the order. Delivery date, 1948.

    Does it really take 8 years to make and delivery a helicopter? I’d guess not for any private sector buyer. Obviously our armed forces don’t get the same priority or sense of urgency as any private customers.

    What more proof of government feckless incompetence is needed to wake people up?

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