Cameron imitating Blair: huge mistake (all will come undone fully, in 2015)

David Davis

It is perhaps too much to hope that UKIP or even the LPUK will be returned to Parliament with a landslide majority in 2010. Other factors apart, ZanuLieBorg will certainly rig the results: it is the job of Jihadist-GramscoFabiaNazis to do just this thing: it is called participative democracy. If not in anti-Labour seats and other enemy-marginals, then certainly in their Rotten and Pocket Boroughs of which they have about  300, which is quite enough for a majority if well-stuffed, and with a bit of luck in others.

But Dave “the Prole” Cameron is storing up potentially-terminal trouble for himself and his party, to some extent right now, but definitely for 4/5 years’ time if he does what Simon Heffer is accusing him of.


  • Afraid he always did seem too much “Mr Very Nice Guy” to be to hold to the point.
    At least Mrs T was in office for a few years before her collectivist wing (allright, left wing) began to wear her down. Although, I must admit, the Zimbabwe/Rhodesia debacle came early on. Perhaps there was absolutely nothing she could do?
    If they elect Dan Hannan leader of the party they stand a chance to do something useful but otherwise it does look very gloomy. I am sure the powers-that-be will make sure UKIP does not get anywhere near where it can rock the EU boat.
    If the Great British Public could be thoroughly informed, and shown what they (it) could usefully do to fix things the future would stand a chance.
    As it is, roll on the dictatorship, the likes of which have never been seen.

  • sorry: to be able to hold to the point

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