Why do the RSPCA have stab-proof vests?

And why are they rescuing animals and not people?

I’ll make this a caption competition. Truly, the state of the UK in 2009 is disgusting.

Obviously, people should centre on their priorities:-

And Gordon himself will ensure more devastation:-

26 thoughts on “Why do the RSPCA have stab-proof vests?

  1. Q. Why do the RSPCA have stab-proof vests?
    A. So that they can look even more like police officers, and frighten children, the disabled and old age pensioners even more effectively.

  2. Q. Why do the RSPCA have stab-proof vests?
    A. Because they like spending money on unncessary kit, when all they really do (other than posing for photos like this) is snatch innocent children like “Jenny” and Shannon Sims. Support Tony Sims and his wife Deborah – Vice Chairman of the local Conservative Association!

  3. Why do they have that strange handcuff case at the back, when they have no powers at all – let alone the power to arrest people? Perhaps it’s because they can direct the police to do anything they want, and it’s possible that armed police might not have enough handcuffs for a joint RSPCA/Police armed raid on a rescue centre or dog breeder.

  4. How staged is this? The Army and RAF were shown on TV dressed in combat gear, the police in standard uniforms with hi-viz coats, the structual engineers in hi-viz coats and Gordon in a suit. And yet the RSPCA have 60 inspectors kitted out in fast water rescue gear and a cameraman on hand to show just how ‘determined’ they are in rescuing two dogs and a cat. The only thing missing is a captive bolt gun hanging from their belts and a sign saying ‘Please donate generously’. Maybe when they realise this they will go back and stage another round of photo’s.

  5. Kevlar HOODIES for children, HARRIET Harman wore a STAB-PROOF vest and they are even popular among pensioners so are the rspca trying to tell us something ?
    Could it be that they really feel ” immature, lost the plot or without their uniforms feeble ?
    ” Oh what a tangled web they weave,
    as they practice to decieve!”

  6. ‘So inspector, how many animals did you save today?’……….’two dogs and a cat sir’……….’Well thats not very good is it’…………..’No sir, but I did shoot 10 GSD’s’………….’Good man, you’re promoted’.

  7. Politicians kiss a few babies to try and win votes and RSPCA inspectors pat a few dogs to try and make us think they care about animals.

  8. One for Mr Tim Wass who was bleating on about the Xmas tree lights going on:

    ‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  9. The outpouring of disgust from the rural community against the townies in the RSPCA is something that I find myself surprised about. However, that obviously posed-for shot at the top of five goons on parade with their wet-weather gear and a dog makes me sick. The second shot of some misguided old biddy (no doubt from the local RSPCA shelter) being given a dog makes me cringe. Nothing makes me sicker than the massive number of the RSPCA’s commercial logo on display – you know the one they stick on so-called “Freedom Food” (which isn’t free range). The logo only tells you that the guy that produced it has never been, and never will be, prosecuted. The RSPCA have never once prosecuted anyone who pays their protection money. It doesn’t tell you how many seals have been shot at the RSPCA “Freedom Food” salmon farm, or how many seal pups have been orphaned in the process. They’ll be putting “Freedom Food” logos on whale meat and seal fur next – but only if it makes money for the fat-cats at Horsham!

    RSPCA warns Scottish salmon farmers to shoot fewer seals
    guardian.co.uk – Mar 26, 2009
    The RSPCA said that although estimates range from 300 to 3000 seals being shot annually, it is thought that roughly 1500 may be killed each year by fish

  10. The RSPCA have stab proof vests to prevent damage when an hostile owner or animal attacks them. They have handcuffs because they do have the power to take Hostile owners into custody acting from 2008. They need to be with police incase they have to much armed responce.

  11. I beg to differ Michael, the RSPCA have no more powers than you or I, they are a charity with NO legal powers whatsoever, and the AWA 2006 did not confer any more to them than they already had. However they would like us to BELIEVE they can do what they like.
    Question, what is the difference between the RSPCA raiding other animal charities, and me doing it? None. Except that I would be charged with trespass and theft, and they wouldn’t !

  12. RSPCA don’t have stab proof vests or handcuffs. Admittedly they are very good at publicity in certain situations and such ‘rescue teams’ tend to be jobs for the boys and not open to every member of staff. However they are the only organisation who regularly take succesful prosecutions for animal abuse. All RSPCA prosecutions are put before the Courts (the same courts that convict people who break into your house and steal your posessions) so all the convictions are judged by the lawe of the land. Any bad practice or abuse of the system will be (an is) highlighted and that case thrown out. Not an ideal organisation but what is the alternative ?? Most of the large charities such as World Horse Welfare, BHS and ILPH gladly work with RSPCA because they know that they can get all the good publicity whilst leaving the RS to take the prosecution and subsequent abuse from the ‘anti’s.

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