RSPCA: a truly fake charity?

Michael Winning

A day or so ago we put up a rather frightening pic of some RSPCA “officers” Paramilitary People, which got some comments.

Now I find theres lots of people upset with and aghast at the RSPCA, some of them write over here. I didn’t know that, I thought I was the only one, and a pariah.

The comments say about some other places containing browned-off folks who lament the turnning of this once-useful org into what its become. It does not seem a very libertitarian organisatin.

4 thoughts on “RSPCA: a truly fake charity?

  1. Are they definitely stab proof vests? They don’t look quite right to me, especially in that colour and with karabiners dangling off them. Add the caving hats and waterproofs it looks more like plain old rescue gear to me, especially since the RNLI mob were pictured wearing very similar looking vests. I don’t have much time for the RSPCA but in fairness I think the stab vest accusation looks very shaky.

  2. Update: on further investigation pounds to pennies it’s not a stab vest at all but a buoyancy aid. Seeing the RNLI crews in them made me wonder if it was something for marine use and zooming in on the picture I saw a logo that looked like it said ‘Palm’ (more clear on the RSPCA guy nearest the camera on this picture). A quick google found a company called Palm that make floatation jackets, buoyancy aids drysuits etc. and use what looks like the same logo. Sorry fellas, I’m inclined to agree with what you say about RSPCA’s libertarian credentials, or lack thereof, but the stab proof vest thing looks like a very red herring.

  3. Well, Michael’s posting about it did get us nearly two dozen friendly comments from people who’ve experienced the thick end of RSPCA “animal justice” (too right it is…)

    As this is war, I’m not inclined to be too fussy about upsetting droids that make themselves look even a little-bit like the paramilitary occupation forces of the Labour Party.

    And naturally, I’d not have made such comments about the RNLI at all. They not only do a real job worth the name, but don’t get any stolen taxation-revenues with which to do it either.

  4. I wasn’t thinking so much about upsetting the droids (nice image BTW) as the LA painting a bullseye on its own back. I feel bad about making the comparison with UAE-CRU and the “Climategate*” since it’s Sunday knockabouts to the warble gloaming doomsayers’ Premier League, but I can imagine the illiberal classes seizing on this kind of thing and talking about motes and beams in respective eyes. Better to say ‘oops’ loud and proud and rise above the tactics of the opposition I reckon. I hope I’m misreading it because I’m not entirely comfortable with seeing libertarians apparently taking an ends-justify-the-means type of position, but sticking with the stab vest interpretation when it’s a buoyancy aid of the kind anyone would be wise to wear in flood conditions just hands ammunition to those you’re at war with, no? When the positions are reversed we wouldn’t hesitate… well, okay, the LA might but personally I’d fold it into a point and stab the bastards in the heart with it. Even if your enemy makes no use of it I feel there’s a risk of putting off potential supporters if by getting all noble cause-y outraged about something that then turns out to be innocuous, even if it is on a vastly smaller scale than the sandalistas of the Hadley Centre and their ecolytes.

    Personally I thought the RSPCA mob in that photo just looked like people kitted out for rescue work – mountain/cave/lifeboat/HMCG… take your pick – and not remotely paramilitary. Just my 2¢… not that anyone asked, I know, but I offer it anyway. My criticism is intended only to be constructive and I hope it’s taken in the spirit meant.

    On a complete tangent: DD, what’s the new gravatar? Martian moon? I went to a free (in the sense that tax dollars pay anyway so I’m damned well going to go from time to time) exhibition of space photography at the slightly oxymoronically named National Gallery of Victoria a few weeks back. Only a small exhibition of forty or so images but mostly breathtaking, and probably as a result I’m very curious about your gravatar. Tell, or the cat gets it. 🙂

    * I hate tacking “gate” on the end of anything newsworthy but these things take on a life of their own so bloody quickly it’s sometimes easier for clarity to say fuck it and follow the herd.

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