They are playing with us

David Davis

I don’t much care if the Iranian government wants to have nuclear weapons or not. I don’t think it’s worth going to war over…..yet. Not unless they actively threaten Israel, which is the primary point of the things.

A firm, well-morally-grounded and self-confident libertarian foreign policy, actively Jihadizing liberty everywhere regardless, is the enemy of any wannabe “rogue state” which gets guns and stuff.There are no “rogue states”: all States are rogues and ultimately have to be re-rogued, and many simply dismantled.

But it does irk me that we as a nation are seen as a plaything-target by people like I’madasadinnerjacket.

I wonder to what extent Gordon Brown tipped off the Iranians to do this thing to us and ours, to take everyone’s eye off him.

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