He knows he is right

David Davis

Phil” “Woolas”, described as an “Interior Ministry Commisar”, knows he is right. Footballer-sized “bonuses”, compensating for the very real risks to life and limb which are faced daily by “immigration” “officials”, are clearly the right thing to offer.

Mere soldiers, fighting and risking actual corporeal death in far countries about which we know rather a lot, and mere bankers, trying to plug the BOP-gap by the simple act of attempting to earn profits for their banks and their shareholders, are a mere nothing by comparison.

His remark was obviously intended for internal departmental consumption primarily, which simply adds to the evidence that he, and the rest of the Enemy Class, will have to go.

The bastards are plainly not interested in the fates of the rest of us at all, which just confirms my hypothesis that they have turned themselves into droids which are the way they are, on purpose.

"I thought he was Lavrenti Beria, until I discovered..."

One thought on “He knows he is right

  1. Woolas lives in a distant, but parallel universe, of which we know little. The make believe world he inhabits is big on auto-suggestion and magic mirrors. When they say “every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” it means something to them. When they look in their mirrors they see heroes. Perhaps it’s all down to magic mushrooms. Listen to Broon in PMQs answering a question, he’s on full automatic. Listen to them on Radio 4 Today. It’s automatic. Their souls were sold long ago. Empty shells.
    But we are wasting our time, they sold the farm to the EUSSR. Our borders are (not) controlled from Brussels. The Border Agency only exists to collect their salaries and bonuses, and vote labour so that the game can continue. Westminster parish council does exactly the same.

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