This is all very nice and cosy…


David Davis says it’s a PR stunt designed to coincide with the Copenhagen religious celebration of pagan pre-capitalist neopastoralist Nazi barbarism.

3,500MWh (per year) sounds like a sexy big number. And the population of Westray is “600”. But let’s take it to bits. This is 3,500,000 Kwh. This is 1,26E13 Joules, which equates to a true duty-cycle-adjusted output of 399.6 Kw.

Let’s be generous and say 450 Kw. I can imagine Westray being fairly windy, by our standards here. (And it won’t be spinning all the time – I have taken the given figures as allowing for the wind-dependent duty-cycle.)

Then, also, it’s rather a big turbine. 220 feet tall. (What’s its service life? Anyone know? And what are the servicing costs which will apply throughout its life?)

That’s a mean year-round availability of  750 watts per inhabitant. On an island of 600-odd people, where I guess there are not that many single mothers or single male yuppies commuting by helicopter to Edinburgh or Aberdeen or Lerwick, and people live in settled conservative-type “households” of 3-5 people, this output is not ungenerous, unless everyone on Westray wants to take a powershower all at once on a windless Sunday evening in winter, when the Grid-connection (even if there is one)  is not able to provide voltage in the right direction.

I do not see much wrong in providing stuff like this for people who live in such places, unless the funding is got by the means stated (the “Big Lottery”, whatever that is – it sounds like the Urban Poor of Bootle and Battley and Brighouse have paid for this turbine, which is bad.)

But to do this for a population of 70 millions, which is what the gramscoFabiaNazis want for this island, would require an installed capacity on this maths of 1.05E11 watts. 105 Gigawatts. That’s 117,000 of the same turbines, on the same duty cycle.

And before I’m ritually disembowelled (again) by some of our readers for dubbing greens Nazis, I re-apply that term to them here, as a renewal of my vows, as it were. Anna Bramwell, the contemporary high-priestess of GreeNazism, implicitly conflated the beliefs of the actual Nazis, of (not)fond memory with those of today’s Deep greens.

8 thoughts on “This is all very nice and cosy…

  1. David Davies:

    Imagine yourself in a University history class, trying to persuade your students that Hitler and his Nazi cohorts were doing what they did in pursuit of Green ideals, using tanks and Blitzkrieg. Oh, right, errr…..

    “Hitler as Environmentalist” sort of thing…

    You invite derision, David. Smears are neither emotionally or logically respectable. Every time I read your “Greens as Nazis” stuff I think of Olivia Newton-John and laugh. I can scarcely bother to read these “5 Minute Hate” diatribes. They tell us nothing.



  2. Dave:

    And while I’m here,allow me to remind you that it was Hans Morgenthau of the US who proposed reducing post-war Germany to a de-industrialized agrarian society as punishment. This idea killed between nine million and fifteen million people post-war when it was attempted by the Occupying Powers.

    Awkward business, history…


  3. But we didn’t, er, reduce Germany to that, Tony.

    WE got the electric and the water running again, and the gas, and cleared away the (our) rubble.

    I think the Soviets even stole the surviving light bulbs and sent them back to the USSR. They certainly did in Austria. You know it: you were alive then, I was not. They also took most of the death-camp-staff, for use in the Gulags.

    Interesting and awkward people, those enemies of liberalism…!

  4. Tony, you and I both know the solution is Nuclear Power. I’d be perfectly happy with lekky-cars everywhere, or hydrogen fuel cells, if we could drive up, a cheery post-grad-law-student on his furlough would then romp up to the vehicle, swap out the exhausted module, it’s only 100 Kg after all, swing in another, lock it in, help us to reboot, take his £5 tip, and we’re off again at 75 mph, for the next 200 miles.

    But the GreeNazis won’t have it.

    Pray, name three who will!

  5. You’re right about the bastards David. They’ve known for years where the answers lie, but it seems that too much capital lay in fossil fuels, for all sides. And now the availability is decreasing, theyve got to find a way to wring out money from another angle, hence the carbon taxes.

    A broad generalisation on my part there, but certainly the powers-that-be haven’t done all of the right things during the past decades.

    Funny, mentioning the Nazis, it was they who pioneered synthetic oils and alternative energies, nuclear fission included, but it was all forgotten after the war, when availability resumed.

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