Anglican Priest “advises hard-pressed pensioners to shoplift” at Christmas

David Davis

I really need Ian B to start telling us about Anglosocialism, for I think someone in a certain organisation has caught a touch of it here.

He thinks they sould only steal from “large businesses”. Better choose Waitrose then, old fella, for the stuff’s more expensive, and you only harm the staffs’ pay – did you know who owns Waitrose, old priest?

And here’s a Christmas message for the planet, from the Greens, in their own words, via CountingCats.

4 thoughts on “Anglican Priest “advises hard-pressed pensioners to shoplift” at Christmas

  1. I watched this guy on the BBC Breakfast show this morning. While he insisted that shoplifting was a crime (which of course it is), we then got the crucial “BUT” it was defensible if the shoplifter was very poor, etc. The problem with that is that by making an excuse, he cuts the ground of morality down. Lots of people are poor and struggling with life but do not steal.

    Pleading poverty as an excuse for crime in 21st Century Britain is pretty crappy as an argument. But then this guy also denounced folk spending money on “wasteful” presents, and no doubt would prefer they gave it to the po0r. Given that even those on low incomes are taxed up to the hilt, the spirit of charity is somewhat lacking.

  2. I trust this man would say to the thief – “do not steal, here have some of my property instead”.


    Why not?

    Because his family must keep their stuff (and so must the Church of which he is part – a limited liability entity), but it is somehow O.K. to rob Tesco.

    Absurd – and wicked.

  3. Ian B of CountingCats may, I hope sometime soon, publish an analysis of what he terms “Anglosocialism”: this is to say, roughly, the mindset which punishes material success in some who, through their own efforts do better than “the many”. I hope I have understood it right to summarise it thus – to me, it would explain the fervent, widely-appaluded and very public sport of Tesco-bashing among other things.

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