Shooting civilisation in the foot, at Christmas

David Davis

The Tories have gone and done a non-PR-friendly thing, in an environment where the GramscoFabiaNazis have lynched all the words. The Tories have learned nothing, either from being in opposition for 125 years, or from being infiltrated by some of us in the 1980s…when they might have listened to us libertarians, and none of these currently enacting tragedies need have occurred.

Far better to just say” we will give Vouchers to all parents of children from age zero to age 18 – the State owns them and not you so we might as well admit that fact and just give you the coupons for you to give to whom you please.

One comment

  • A friend involved in the Conservative Party recently assured me that the turn around from their vow to hold a referendum on the EU was a strategic decision made by the best brains in the party, next to the throne, and that they had decided thus because it was the best possible move (or non-move) in the circumstances.
    You present this PR brain-dead move they have announced on school subsidies.
    There was another similar brain dead PR stunt from the Party some months ago on this blog to do with reducing benefits.

    While some in the Party may be stupid and/or misled, my perception is that those who organise and promote these things are not so stupid and are no doubt far cleverer than I am.
    Is it a strategic move to reduce one’s lead in the polls?
    Are they trying to lull Labour into a false sense of security?
    I doubt it.
    They are shooting themselves in the foot. Or some strategic person inside the Party is shooting them in the foot.
    Just as they did to destroy themselves in 1997.
    They had no need to lose then and the only reason I think they did was that New Labour with Blair/Campbell at the helm looked more credible in the “Successful-Britain, Common-Sense, Pro-Market, Law-and-order” stakes than the doddering Tories did.
    If Thatcher had still been at the Tory helm they would have continued to cruise it.
    Now why does a Party destroy itself?

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