He and his sort made then get like that

Michael Winning

The lubes frozen in the tractor sumps, but the Police are like they are because this lot gave them all that diversity nonsense and institutionalised rascism to contend with. He can’t talk about it now, so he’s pretending they’re lazy buggers.

Not the ones I know, they’ll skin you for a halfpenny.

Update, it seems Simon Heffer agrees. 2nd Jan 2010

2 thoughts on “He and his sort made then get like that

  1. Jack Straw. Is he the world’s champion hypocrite? Am I missing something or was he previously Home Secretary. What did he do to sort out our useless police. And now he has the sodding gall to attack them! Before slime was invented, he was and remains the slipperiest individual even in our political class.

  2. He made them into what they now are, by forcing them into enforcing “diversity” and anti-liberalism.

    And as Michael states that Simon Heffer states that this is true, he is the Father Of Modern MultiCulturaNazi Policing.

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