I could be wrong

Michael Winning

Didn’t the blasted MOD, onordering Boeing Chinnooks, demand that all the working US software be changed to MOD-ordered stuff?

Isn’t that why we don’t have any of the buggers in Afghanistan? Because they take so long to prepare now?

5 thoughts on “I could be wrong

  1. Median-voting multi-channel FADECS would seem to be the optimum choice.

    FADEC Advantages

    * Better fuel efficiency
    * Automatic engine protection against out-of-tolerance operations
    * Safer as the multiple channel FADEC computer provides redundancy in case of failure
    * Care-free engine handling, with guaranteed thrust settings
    * Ability to use single engine type for wide thrust requirements by just reprogramming the FADECs
    * Provides semi-automatic engine starting
    * Better systems integration with engine and aircraft systems
    * Can provide engine long-term health monitoring and diagnostics
    * Number of external and internal parameters used in the control processes increases by one order of magnitude
    * Reduces the number of parameters to be monitored by flight crews
    * Due to the high number of parameters monitored, the FADEC makes possible “Fault Tolerant Systems” (where a system can operate within required reliability and safety limitation with certain fault configurations)
    * Can support automatic aircraft and engine emergency responses (e.g. in case of aircraft stall, engines increase thrust automatically).

    [edit] Disadvantages

    * True full authority digital engine controls have no form of manual override available, placing full authority over the operating parameters of the engine in the hands of the computer. If a total FADEC failure occurs, the engine fails. In the event of a total FADEC failure, pilots have no way of manually controlling the engines for a restart, or to otherwise control the engine. As with any single point of failure, the risk can be mitigated with redundant FADECs.
    * High system complexity compared to hydromechanical, analogue or manual control systems
    * High system development and validation effort due to the complexity

    [edit] Requirements

    * Engineering processes must be used to design, manufacture, install and maintain the sensors which measure and report flight and engine parameters to the control system itself.
    * Software engineering processes must be used in the design, implementation and testing of the software used in these safety-critical control systems. This requirement led to the development and use of specialized software such as SCADE.



  2. For the same sort of reason that the MoD came up with the SA-80 and foisted it upon the luckless army. It was a disaster. The MoD had to pay Heckler & Koch 140 miliion to redesign and retool it. It was intended to replace the SLR which seems a preferable main battle rifle.


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