Nobody has guns except scumbags and The State

David Davis

So why is it being flagged as such a mystery that some poor bugger has been gunned down at an ASDA?

Either the State wanted him dead, or his “friends” did. He had no chance either way. Perhaps he was a doctor, and HMRC just wanted to “encourage the others?” Proper States, the real thing ones, the hard-guys that are “quite serious” about being fairly properly statist, such as Stalin and Robespierre and Gordon Brown, “have no need for doctors.” They know they are right.

As guns disappear more and more from the normal environment of, and from the ordinary physical knowledge of individual people, you must now expect this sort of thing to happen more and more.

“Security-Theatre” will of course be deployed by The Police (who will all have to go, sadly, including even many normal ordinary officers who may be blameless because they are merely trying to arrest bad-people of whatever sort, and we will just have to start again from Ground-Zero, as the problem of politicised policing is too deeply-engrained now owing to “institutionalised anti-liberalism”) to “reassure” “shoppers”.

I know a few coppers: they are fine upstanding men, whom it would be a pleasure to drink with in the pub – and is. I am lucky. But they are all under the thrall: it will have to come off utterly, before the good can be purged out of the bad, and we can start again.

Until ordinary shoppers can carry concealed automatic pistols of calibre at least 0.30″ with them while shopping, this will happen. When Libertarians run the government, whatever is left of it, this will not be necessary any more, thank goodness. But you would be allowed to own what shooter you like best.

I favor machine-crossbows personally. Not illegal now even. You could even make a very very small one, which would be quite disabling to a scumbag.

But a “machine-longbow” would be a sight to behold! Can someone tell me how one could be fabricated? (You’d need space for it to load and fire, that’s the prob I wrestle with right now…)


  • I have always thought of Anarchy as a kind of re-boot of the system. Five years of complete anarchy should do the trick.

  • the romans actualy had a repeating ballista 😀

    it was basicly the forrunner to the gatling gun and operated in a very similar manner (instead of the bolts dropping down they were in a cylinder and fell into place as it rotated.)

    Quite cool to see in action but not concealable at all i’m afraid!

  • “… Anarchy as a kind of re-boot of the system. Five years of complete anarchy should do the trick.”

    20 years in Somalia and still no better. The trick doesn’t work. Next fallacy…


  • edwin randall van osdol

    I think a fully automatic blunt roller that offers different mixtures of , cannabis coca and opium would bring most true criminals to their knees and looking for work ,most normal faithful americans dont need anything but what makes them feel good bottem line

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