Taking away the Pork-Barrel

David Davis

It’s fine to be honest about “cuts”, but it’s also not fine to shoot yourself in the foot in public just before a major shooting-contest.

We here all know that the Tories will end up being just as bad as Blairite Labour even if not Brownite (interesting mineral, that.) But one thing about dirty fighting which they clearly have not learned is that, if they are to threaten this group, or that group, with “cuts” (always for the best of reasons, mind) then they might as well threaten the groupuscules of the Enemy-Class’s creation, such as “Hospital Trust managers” and “delivery outreach co-ordinators” – since none of these are oging to vote Tory anyway, ever, for any reason.

These types of bureaucrat, and many others, all of whom are dyed-in-the-wool socialists, and who will never fail to be the Tories’ or libertarians’ foes whatever, can safely be threatened with mass sackings. It will also work out much more cost-effective and quicker and cheaper to implement – and they’ll have lots of buildings to let out afterwards to “new businesses”  and “hard working families” etc etc etc.

“The Deficit”, which Cameroid keeps going on about on his poster ads, will be reduced much quicker. This has always been the problem with “One Nation Tories”. You can’t be “one nation” until you have got rid of the people who wanted via class-war to break us into many nations.

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