The Controlled Entertainment Media: A Case Study

Andy Thompson writes:

Hope you are keeping OK.
I refer to the abovementioned section of your excellent publication, “Cultural Revolution, Culture War”.
In this chapter you write,
“….millions watch the entertainment programmes; and these have been recruited as part of the hegemonic apparatus”.

“It is possible to fill up page after page with similar examples of the use of popular entertainment as a reinforce of the hegemonic ideology—the careful balance of races and sexes in positions of authority, the vilification of white middle class men, the undermining of traditional morals and institutions, the general attack on all that is targeted for destruction.

Any one example given may seem trifling or even paranoid. But, taken together, the function of much of the entertainment media is to subvert the old order”.
May I draw your attention to the attached video clip of an advert currently doing the rounds on commercial television.  Unsurprisingly, it is a Government advert espousing the virtues of loft insulation in order to reduce our collective ‘carbon footprints’. 
This advert is a classic example of what you rightly describe as “….the careful balance of races and sexes in positions of authority, the vilification of white middle class men….”
Three parts of this advert are noteworthy:
1. The use of a ‘mixed race’ young male as the boyfriend of the young, white girl.  Not only a mixed race young man but a helpful one who offers to help out the mother without apparent fear of insulting the father. 
2. The portrayal of the father as a weak, pitiful, figure of fun.  Almost pathetic, he is patronised and ridiculed throughout – by his daughter and wife in particular.
3. The portrayal of the mother as a strong, independent, modern and intelligent woman. Clearly the ‘leader of the house’, she is the one at the top of the ladder carrying out the DIY whilst the husband is relegated to the landing to look up (in every respect) at his dominant spouse.
I am wary of being castigated as paranoid or a conspiracy theorist but this advert astonished me in it’s anti-conservative, anti white, pro-ethnic minority, pro-feminist and pro-liberal left audacity.  No surprise I suppose given the hand of this Marxoid government in it’s production.
The worrying thing is, the brain-dead majority of the country watching the advert would see it as normal fair and would not give the issues I have highlighted a second thought.
Worrying.  Very worrying.
Keep up the good work.
Andy Thompson



25 thoughts on “The Controlled Entertainment Media: A Case Study

  1. er – no paranoia at all. Thise thoughts you expressed were and remian EXACTLY what I thought when I saw it – I cursed the advert. They know exactly what they are doing. The only step they did not take was to have the weak DWEM married to a gay guy, Bastardfs.

  2. Yes, no paranoia here. The same programming is very prevalent in BBC “dramas.” I post on it from time to time, when my energy isn’t too sapped from watching the damn things!

  3. What about the re-make of the seventies drama, “Survivors”? Classic BBC, lefty, liberal, PC stuff.

    1) The square-jawed hero, Greg, is now a black man
    2) The heroine, Abby, (originally Lucy Fleming) is now a Scot
    3) I seem to remember some children in the original, although I could be wrong. They almost certainly weren’t “asian” as the young lad in this re-make is
    4) ALL the English characters, are either useless and cowardly, or out and out villains

    The sad thing about this is that I was not even slightly surprised when this programme appeared. As stated above, pretty typical BBC I’m afraid.

  4. I’d second Peter’s comment and I’m glad you picked this up. There appears to be a slimy, subliminal current to destroy any strength in decency and appease any inclination to cause mayhem, both by subtle and overt means.

  5. A very good sick example of the mind massaging, indeed.
    Lots of messages in there.
    Congratulations. You are absolutely correct.
    Send a message to BBC as well?
    In rational and absolutely logical presentation.

  6. I don’t watch the wireless Tele Vision any more, finding it as i do rather unhelful and uninformative. But this video is utterly disgusting.

    It is actually pornographic in the true sense. however, having worked many years in advertising agencies and also from time to time on “government” accounts and campaigns, I know about the mind-set of people in agencies, and how I think their outlook has evolved over the years to full-Enemy-Classhood-status.

    I also know about the mind-sets of the State clients (some of whom were otherwise charming and friendly individuals with whom you could geniunely enjoy a few beers).

    The message, usually hectoring about something, has to be put across – “executed” – as the precose marketing word goes, as woodenly as possible. State bureaucrats have always been pessimistic about the ability of “the public” to “internalise the message” – rather like P&G or Unilever brand managers who always caused an agency to produce an ad that looks like, as we said, “The Strategy Set To Music”.

    This underlying belief, about “how to craft an ad”, misses out any creativity or human empathy, since in their professional capacity bureaucrats regard individuals in a population as “resources” and not even customers or people who have to be won over: just “told”.

    Then, you couple it with all the fascist multicultural feminazi baggage that we know has been peddled in all the “unis”, to which ad-makers have been in their formative years before joining ad-agencies or ministerial PR departments, and you get stuff lilke this.

    It is the logical consequence of ordinary people haveing been lulled to sleep in the fat years of the 1960s onwards.

  7. The Government webshite (sic) ‘Act on CO2’ has a link to the following Facebook link:

    Comments could be posted here?

    Funny, I can’t ever recall a female actress or black male actor being humiliated so much in an advert – strange that isn’t it? If you’re male, white, married, middle aged and hetrosexual you’re obviously fair game.

    • Sean, I have stared to “share” my posts on Facebook. Like Oulde Holborne and Ian Geldard. I don’t know if any good is being done yet, as I only have 30 friends. But you never know.

      I think you should go on Facebook, and everything you write should be syndicated to facebook too. I ernestly abjure you to try.

      I was initially very skeptical about the uses of Facebook, but it’s another avenue in the meantime, until it is shut down.

  8. Anger is clearly building.

    I of course dare not say on line, which is public, what everybody knows could be the ultimate upshot of the continual promotion of this sort of thing, of which this sad TV-ad is only a small and ephemeral symptom.

    02:00am pub-culb-external-street-brawls are as nothing compared with what would ensue if this sort of stuff got out.

    The “authorities” ought to get to grips with the hypothesis that millions and millions and millions of intellectually, sexually and morally-disenfranchised White Males cannot all be corralled voluntarily into “government re-education-centres for preparation for resettlement” (aka concentration [death] camps) and “alcohol-free-personal-health-augmentation-facilities” (aka hard-labour-concentration camps).

    Wha the British State is doing to (some of) its people is out-and-out BULLYING. As we all know, “bullying” is so so so very very wrong that “initiatives” have been set up to “combat” it.

    Well, perhaps something ought to be done to set up an “initiative” against State-bullying of some kinds of people, allowed to others, by the Enemy-Class,

    How about machine-longbows? I opined this a few days ago. They’d even pierce body-armour I trow.

  9. Just looked on the Facebook link. I’ll bet comments on that are censored as well. When you are spending oceans of money on propaganda, you don’t want to mess up the effect by letting it be known that not everyone is convinced.

  10. Sean, join Facebook now as an experiment, and I will “friend” you: then, let’s do some sums about what is being commented or not on whom.

    I am saing this in “public” even though our phonecons may also be screened like everyone else’s by GCHQ.

  11. I’d be very happy to add (i don’t “friend”, my mother told me it’s common) either one of you on Facebook. I don’t know how useful it is though. Alex Jones seems to do very well on there, with comments running into the hundreds, but then if he is the “official” distraction i’ve heard him to be then that’s to be expected.
    It’s entirely possible that Facebook is just to big to monitor now, although of course anything political that you may say on there is logged, and under your real name, too. Not that that worries either of you, of course!

  12. Oh, I will think about joining on Tuesday. I found Linkedin a total waste of time. I now just delete all the updates I get without reading. But, since you nag me, I will give FB a go.

  13. I will “add” you, whoops old man, on FB if you want. Just tell me who to look out for as you might be called something else which I can’t guess!

    Then if Sean joins, we can all have some fun pretending to run around the statist Running-Dogs and Lackeys of the Bossenemy-Class. In front of them.

  14. Ahh, you might be easier to find than David. There are thousands of David Davises on there!

    As to what it does… it *could* be a very useful tool for disseminating libertarian ideas in a ‘viral’ way, to friends and friends-of-friends.
    Or, it could be used to play tetris and sim farm clones with poor graphics, which is what most people use it for!

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