FOOD RATIONING: coming closer every day to a store near you

David Davis

…and Big Business is cowering in terror in front of the bullies and GramscoFabiaNazi scumbags.

5 thoughts on “FOOD RATIONING: coming closer every day to a store near you

  1. ack, I really hope this commenter was being sarky:

    Producing ID to purchase cigarettes & alcohol is no problem, so why would people object? In fact it should be mandatory in these cases & cigarettes should require showing a tabacco license whic is issued only to proven cigarette addicts by the government. As for proof of age for purchasing food items like this it is silly & I can think of no reason at all.

    – Dave B (Brit ex-pat), Uxbridge, Canada,02/2/2010 17:19

    In all fairness, this story screams ‘head office cock-up.’ The age-restriction pop-ups are set centrally, in the company I work for at least, and i’d imagine in most large retail concerns. The checkout operators will also be trained (annually in our case) that it is THEY who will be fined/imprisoned if they make a mistake, as well as losing their jobs. Not many would risk discretion when that red screen pops up!

  2. wh00ps, I’d like to think that comment was sarcasm too, but a generation has been trained to let the gauleiters do their thinking for them… I’ve a nasty feeling every word was meant literally.

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