Not a problem

David Davis

If Sikh schoolchildren ought to be allowed to wear their ritual daggers, that’s fine by me. As boys in the 1950s, we routinely had folding pen-knives, at school and everywhere else. I still carry mine. We used them to whittle sharp sticks in “break”, to poke each other with in class, and to make wooden guns with which to go “yadda-da-da-da-da-da-da” when playing “British and Germans” on the football field.

The more children that carry working knives as part of normality, the better. And for equality’s sake, everyone else ought to be allowed them too. Then, we can move on to guns, at last, and discuss those.

One thought on “Not a problem

  1. I quite agree. I believe Sikhs do not have to wear motorcycle helmets either?
    It could be quite useful to argue that their choice in religion prevents them from doing so, and that perhaps the rest of us should also be trusted to make the same choices. Then it could be extended to seatbelt laws and so on. Perhaps a chink in the righteous armour has been found!

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