Why the Tories WILL lose the next election

David Davis

Janet Daley on political conviction and liberalism. We libertarians will sadly be proved right that the Tories, if they were to win which is looking increasingly improbable, will come in for mega-scumbaggings from us all.

Perhaps it will be better for Gordon Brown to win. The Chindo-Australian bankers WILL foreclose on the UK, there WILL be a meltdown within a year, and a resolution will be sought. The tragedy is that the wrong things will be “cut” – such as 100% of defence, and also too much money will be left with the Police, of which we will be promised “more of” on the “beat”.

2 thoughts on “Why the Tories WILL lose the next election

  1. I think the best thing for the people at the moment would be to back the Conservatives and then put more pressure on them than any goverment would like to bring about real change.

    The crash test Gordon could do more damage than people would imagine (for the sake of the people and himself he has to go.)

  2. So just to clarify, if the Chinese do foreclose on us, the result will be massive credit restrictions as they claw it all back, and we’ll go into a major recession?

    Gordon’s got to start paying it back sooner or later. I should like to know where I can obtain full details of the British economy, GDP, revenue and manpower by industry sector, welfare expenditure by sector, health expenditure by sector and so on. Is there anywhere a comprehensive list of the nation’s finances?

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