Missing him yet?

Michael Winning

Spotted this on Guido, http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/news_cut/archive/2010/02/billboard_mystery_partly_revea.shtml?refid=0

The devil you know

8 thoughts on “Missing him yet?

  1. I tried to send this to Minnesota public radio but comments are not any more allowed:-

    Hello, I am from the other side of the Pond, under which lie the rusting remains of some 16,000+ ships and the bones of 120,000+ men, of your country and Canada, and of mine.

    George W Bush (why always the “W”? You and we all know there was another) at least did _/some/_ work in his life that was not in what we call here “local government”. We are learning here, in the UK, what “local government” is tending in this century to mean.

    Our oppressors call what they do “Bringing Government Closer To The People”, and also “Joined-UP-Government”. Pray, please pray to God, in the USA if he’s coming soon there any time, that you don’t get this stuff coming to you.

    I on my blog, the Libertarian Alliance Blog, warned your people continually all through 2008, not to vote for Obama. You didn’t listen: you turned out for “Obamagirl” (see her on Youtube…)

    Obama is what we here call a “Gauleiter”. We know about Gauleiters, and so do your grandfathers I expect, those who are still with us from the 1940s. Ask those who remain, while you can. Everyone bureaucrat in occupied Europe, which you and the Canadians, with our slight help such as we could give, liberated, and who surrendered to you and to us, was especially keen to state, loudly and repeatedly, that he was “not a Nazi”. This is to say: not the local Gauleiter.

    Gauleiters are “community organisers”. The post has no substantive meaning in a liberal democracy. and remember that when I as a Britisher say “liberal”, I mean a “conservative” with a small “c”.

    When your media say “liberal”, they mean what we here as libertarians mean as “GramscoStalinist”.

    Electing Barack Obama will be , as the poor Japs said in 1945, “not necessarily to the USA’s advantage”.

  2. I’m sorry, but using language like ‘Gauleiters’ and ‘GramscoStalinist’ just doesn’t work. It either has no traction or else, with the Nazi allusions, simply causes people to discount your arguments.

    Words are very powerful tools, to be effective, points should be made clearly, concisely, using words that will resonate with the audience.

    I can’t imagine what members of the Minnesota public you think that post would resonate with. You meander off into diversions that obscure your main points, you use odd jargon and use too many words overall.

    I’m sorry, i’m on your side, but i have to say that is not politically effective use of language.

  3. Find something appropriate in some Bruce Springsteen lyrics and quote that at ’em.

    For what it’s worth – and I think I’ve said this here before – the Americans have been very poorly served by a political system that ended up offering a choice between Obama and McCain. Actually that applies to a number of previous Presidential elections (Bush and Gore in spades) but the Americans, like Britons, have largely bought into the main party thing and mostly won’t vote for a minor party candidate for fear their vote will be wasted. The first thing we need to do is go about explaining the fallacious nature of this thinking: an individual’s own vote almost never makes any difference anyway and it is just as wasteful to cast it for the eventual winner if you don’t actually rate them as the best candidate. AV and Aussie style preference voting is supposed to help but I’ve come to believe that it can’t make up for people thinking for themselves and casting votes without worrying that they might not be backing the winner.

    I think you’re right, David but, as the cliché goes, you can’t get there from here.

  4. Oh, and since I lay much of the blame for the switch in policy of the aviation industry from treating passengers as self loading freight to plane loads of potential terrorist on that gurning prick, the answer is that despite his successor I miss the bastard like a bad dose of the shits.

  5. Firstly, i’d work out what point i was trying to make.

    The first two paragraphs talk about the casualties of WW2 and then G W Bushs name before mentioning something unclear about ‘Local government’.

    The third paragraph refers to two slogans and wishes that they not be visited upon the USA without giving any idea why they should be feared or disliked.

    There are then 3(!) paragraphs discussing the meaning of the words ‘Gaulieter’ and ‘GramscoStalinist’.

    This ends with an apparently unrelated observation (and irrelevant allusion) on the election of Obama.

    I’d suggest something very roughly like this:

    ‘Hello from England. I’ve been following your politics with a great deal of interest and think that there are some parallels with what has happened in Britain that are relevant to you.

    In Britain we elected Tony Blair because he was a fresh new face, a silver tounged speaker who promised ‘Change’ and a fresh new start. We heard slogans such as “Bringing Government Closer To The People”, and also “Joined-UP-Government”. At the time it all seemed great!

    The result has been more government oversight, more government agencies, more government initiatives to solve all of our problems (including problems we never even knew we had).

    As you might have guessed, all this has meant rising taxes and an even faster rising government deficit and the whittling away of our traditional freedoms and liberties.

    If you care about Free Speech then look at the ‘Tribunals’ we have here that regulate what we can say. If you care about self defence then look at how we are no longer allowed to carry pocket knives in public, let alone firearms. If you care about trial by Jury, look at how the British government is trying to restrict it.

    We made the mistake in believing in Hope and Change as slogans and forgetting about our principles and traditions of Liberty. Please look and learn from our mistakes.

    From an English friend and admirer of America’

    I just made that up, first draft, in about 1 minute 30 seconds, so it will be far from perfect, but i think it is clear, to the point and written in language which will reach the audience.

  6. Good points, all. Angry Exile gets to the nub of it: it didn’t matter who the Americans voted for as they had the same Coke/Pepsi choice we get. Persuading people of this fact (and at the same time convincing them that they DO have a vote and they CAN use it for real change if they choose) is the only way forward short of bloody revolution.

    I do miss old George, actually. His big-state policies weren’t any better than O’Bama’s big-state policies but he was at least more entertaining to watch on television.

  7. Good points GHI, you’re right what you say abot the rediculous laws, you can’t even buy a knife from a charity shop now, they have to trown them in the bin, as a right of self defence, despite the rediculous laws, if subject to an unprovoked attack I would still try and defend myself, with a rolling pin, or anything close to hand, if I go to prison for this act then so be it, I don’t attack people, so why should I have the right not to defend myself denied. Of course the reason G Bush became so unpopular was without doubt because of the war he became very unpopular in the U.K. by the peace activists and other political animals, I remember going to europe on a regular basis at that time, there were frequent verbal attacks on bush, and myself for being english, there is a big muslim population there now, of course I did not like some of his policies, but in respect of twin towers what other alternative did he have, as a so called superstate if he had failed to respond the USA would have looked like an easy take for anyone, obviously there has been backfire from the war, and in many way’s the success intended did not manifest as one might have predicted based on the facts at the time, today’s incidents in Algera prove the tasks are more difficult and complex than first thougth, as for obama, well let’s not forget he got Binlarden, people will not forget this, he does have some trumpo cards in his hand at the moment!

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