Perhaps we Islanders have a racial problem

NB:- Not a “racist” one, but a “racial” one….rac“ism” is being used as a weapon against us: but everyoone knows that different races react to different things in different ways….

David Davis

I am now going to proffer wild suppositions and hypotheses.

It says on the BBC , via the UN (who else?) that Scotland is the “most violent country in the developed world”. Next highest are England+Wales, Australia and New Zealand. The USA, our first large child, today’s whipping-boy of leftist anti-gun-mums and “liberal” campaigners, and the home of beer-fuelled-pickup-driving-rednecks with-guns-in-their-trunks,  is at a level about one-third of Scotland.

With my evolutionary-paleobiologist’s hat on, a hat which I sometimes wear in bed (while reading such things as Richard Dawkins as is natural for a human) I think here and there about the selection-pressures acting on early hominids. Then one also wonders about the survival-related-usefulness, or otherwise, of genes which confer intra-specific aggressiveness as a strategy for survival, as opposed to whatever its opposite might be called. But then one comes up against a difficulty: aggressiveness, which can lead to you braining another hominid with a large nearby log (or a special one which you’d previously shaped in the dead of night) for such things as “looking at a couple of your own five current breeding-females in a funny and sexy way and then saying “Ugg-Ugg-Ugg!” while pelvic-thrusting” or “trying to pinch Sea-Buckthorn-berries from your huntergathering-patch of duneland”. Or, tell it not in Gath to the paleoFabians, for “throwing his sharp stick at the wild-bison’s jugular-vein more successfully than you did”, so his children would enter the forward-Gene-pool at higher frequency that yours will, and your breeding-females would “go to him” in his cave each time just after the Full Moon, rather than stay in yours…

Is it that the “Anglic type” peoples have been more successful at settling “foreign parts” and turning them into things such as “Dominions” _because_ we might be more naturally aggressive as individuals (as suggested circumstantially by the BBC report on Scotland – remember that there are more places on the earth called “Mackenzie” than any other place! – or is the opposite? Is it that _because_ we have been so successful at sidelining the problem of individual aggressiveness in an emergent modern civilisation through notions such as the Rule Of Law, Minimal-Statism, Individual Liberalism and the like, that other places bearing lots of people with our genes have also proved to be successful and orderly places?

If it is the latter and not the former, then is GramscoFabiaNazism, home-grown sadly and home-nurtured through our failure to stamp it out aggressively at the first appearance of it, then to blame for our terrible standing at the top of these personal-violence graphs?

One comment

  • When I lived in Aberdeen it could get a bit rowdy on Union Street on a weekend evening, but I never had any trouble. According to the radio there was once someone in an England football shirt who was attacked in the street, and someone driving a car with an England flag on it was removed from the car and beaten.

    But that’s par for the course. I think it has something to do with the fact that the Scots like a drink, and also have a no-nonsense and cynical attitude to how they interact with other people. Nothing wrong with that either!

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