Buggering people up: lifting the lid on British-State Soviet-wheelie-bins

David Davis

Time I said something. Sorry, I have been rather ill lately, hope it’s not anything more serious. I don’t seem to want to eat much these days, which is quite odd, and I have trouble “in the mornings”, sort of in the bathroom. Relying on the other blogger-team somewhat.

The nice chap over at An Englishman’s Castle has said that he’s found a RFID chip in his wheelie-bin, from the Kennet Council Soviet, monitoring whether he’s an old lady who needs help with her wheelie-bin being moved (I don’t think…).

I suggest you look under, in, on top of, and round the back of, all your wheelie-bins, take out by force the various accoutrements that you uncover and which register on a magnetometer, and send them back to where they came from.

4 thoughts on “Buggering people up: lifting the lid on British-State Soviet-wheelie-bins

  1. Dave, an Englishman’s home is his castle, and the sacred bowl is his throne.

    Imagine you’re on a highly-advanced fusion-powered submarine, in your personal quarters (as the First Sea Lord would have) and off-shift for the next four days. A computer in the form of a huge flat-panel screen will provide for all your needs in the meantime, just remember to close the bathroom door on the flat bastard.

    Steam and sometimes Wagner’s Ring Cycle can often help – no pun intended.

  2. Is the idea of chipping wheelie bins a serious consideration?
    It is indeed “controllism” gone mad. Not hyperbole – Absolutely level: it is ridiculous. Non-logical.
    Sorry to hear you not feeling so good. Hope that gets sorted soon.

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