Either we’re about to pull out, or else there’s an election coming

David Davis

So, Gordon Brown has just popped in for a brew with the lads, over on the front, eh? Bet they’re pleased.

The effing bastard will either win the election, or there’ll be a hung-one. You just watch. He’s a wicked socialist scumbag schemer and shyster and snake-oil-salesman, just like his mate Stalin, and you see if I’m right or not. If he gets in again, you just see if he doesn’t end up having people murdered in dank cellars, in the “Ministry” of something or other. Read my friend Richard Blake’s novel “The Terror of Constantinople”, which is prophetic.

Bet each reader of this 1p that Gordon wins, and that the election will have been rigged. You can pay the Libertarian Alliance by paypal when you lose.

5 thoughts on “Either we’re about to pull out, or else there’s an election coming

  1. The only reasonable explanation seems to be, that the powers that be play various instruments in their orchestra, from time to time. They play conservatives, they play labour, little trills from the LibDems.
    They are now playing the death march with the Tory brass while woodwinds in the labour mount a somewhat plaintive melody of “we tried, we tried”.
    How can a group lose from such a position of strength. I have seen less obvious game rigging when Hansie Cronje denied losing cricket world cups for South Africa against India in the 90s

  2. The only reasonable explanation seems to be, that the powers that be ……

    Yes those damned proverbial ‘powers that be.’

    I know who and what these powers are, you know who and what these powers are. Many others know who and what these powers are, yet we dare not even speak their names.

    The BBC of course NEVER mentions any of them, and especially the big cheese himself.

    I have a wife and kids to worry about. Most at the BBC have a 6 figure salary to worry about.

    However at some time some one has to gain a set of balls, and start to name names.

    Are we to wait until our doors really are being kicked in before we publicly identify who and what has really been long since running this country, not to say planet?

    I am afraid terms such as ‘powers that be’ simply will not cut it any more. All this type of terminology results in is talk of Tin Hats and Lizards. Thanks in no small part to ex BBC employed mind control victims such David Icke, and George Orwell.

    We must start to enable the majority to start to identify the perfectly gigantic forest, for all of the almost infinite amounts of irrelevant trees but in their way.

    We could start with The RIIA, The CFR, The Club of Rome, or The Bilberberg Group, then work up or down depending on our mood or point to be made.

    Exposing the BBC for what it REALLY is would surly be reasonably easy. The BBC is, as it surly should be, filled to the brim with potential whistle blowing dissidents.

    For it must surly be as clear as day that if we do not or can not identify our slave owners we can not even challenge them, never mind come close to notably slowing them down.

  3. Atlas, who would be the ‘Big Cheese’ in your view? I’m struggling to think who. Someone from Finance? Law? In my view, I feel that it may just as well be the system itself, or more precisely, the irregular and undesirable mechanisms and thus outcomes of the present system of political economy, which may be at fault.

    Working at the BBC, even all those years ago, obviously had a major impact on George Orwell. In The Road to Wigan Pier (1937) he writes

    Of course the post-war development of cheap luxuries has been a very
    fortunate thing for our rulers. It is quite likely that fish-and-chips,
    art-silk stockings, tinned salmon, cut-price chocolate (five two-ounce bars
    for sixpence), the movies, the radio, strong tea, and the Football Pools
    have between them averted revolution. Therefore we are some-times told that
    the whole thing is an astute manoeuvre by the governing class–a sort of
    ‘bread and circuses’ business–to hold the unemployed down. What I have
    seen of our governing class does not convince me that they have that much
    intelligence. The thing has happened, but by an un-conscious process–the
    quite natural interaction between the manufacturer’s need for a market and
    the need of half-starved people for cheap palliatives.

    I think this may even hold true today. Of course, with modern financial and economic modelling it may be possible to predict the collective behaviour of the masses of people; and as far as the media goes, the pen truly is mightier than the sword. But despite that, I think the old ‘Free Country’ of Britain is disappearing largely due to our inaction, and our bewilderment.

  4. In his book, Culture War, Sean Gabb gets close to who or what the powers-that-be, might be.
    There is certainly a loose but tough consensus among the media, academia, finance and politicians as to what they maintain should be right and wrong and how to go about making it so.
    If one follows money I suppose it goes back to finance houses. Perhaps one could suggest it is a coalition of JP Morgan and Rockefeller, etc, but I think that would be inaccurate.
    To go for silly simplistic conspiracies is also unhelpful. Such as Lizards! I would think such stories are part of the smoke screen (even though one might be able to sift some pay dirt out of those writings.)
    It is evident that some sort of direction is happening. Even going back to the “New Deal” and the writings of Garet Garrett, it is evident that something has been afoot for a long time. He writes in 1938, in “The Revolution Was” (http://mises.org/daily/2726):

    “The reason for giving so much attention to it is that it was the New Deal’s most brilliant feat; and certainly not the least remarkable fact about it was the skill with which criticism was played into making its fight on false and baited ground. Each step as it occurred was defended, and therefore attacked, on ground of monetary policy, whereas the ultimate meaning was not there at all.

    Consider first the logical sequence of the nine steps; consider secondly that if national recovery had been the end in view many alternative steps were possible, whereas from the point of view of revolutionary technique these nine were the imperative steps and the order in which they were taken was the necessary order. Then ask if it could have happened that way by chance.”

  5. “He’s a wicked socialist scumbag schemer and shyster and snake-oil-salesman, just like his mate Stalin, and you see if I’m right or not. If he gets in again, you just see if he doesn’t end up having people murdered in dank cellars, in the “Ministry” of something or other.”

    He’s nothing of the sort. He detests Stalin and Stalinism. If you got in, I only have to read your proposals here to know who your victims would be, and what you’re hoping to inflict on them..

    Sorry, but a modest contribution to common sense seems appropriate here from time to time. This evening, I was watching Hitler speeches in which he talks in just the same way as you do, getting rid of Marxism and Marxists in Germany. Horrific.

    At this rate you’ll drive me into the arms of the Gramsco-whatever. In fact, you’re a Gramscian in your analysis and methodology. And trolling your own blog seems an odd thing to be doing. Smiles


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