Sean on Telly Yesterday

by Sean Gabb

Dear All,

I made a brief appearance yesterday on BBC1’s “The Big Question”, where I
argued that voting should not be made compulsory. Here is the relevant

On Saturday the 6th March 2010, I recorded a long interview with Al Gore’s
television station all about the decriminalisation of incest. Stand by for
news about where to find this.

Tomorrow morning, I shall be interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol about CCTV
cameras. I will upload the recording of this shortly after.

On the 17th March 2010, I shall be talking to Haberdashers’ Aske’s school
for boys all about libertarianism.

On the 24th April 2010, I shall be speaking at this event:

Saturday 17th April 2010
2.30pm to 4.30pm

Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX
10 minutes walk from city centre New Street station.
See website for directions

Who Speaks for the People of Britain?

In the Chair
Chairman, Campaign for an Independent Britain


Director The Libertarian Alliance

The Taxpayers Alliance, West Midlands

Vice-Chairman Campaign for an Independent Britain & organiser of General
Election “Candidate 2010”

Published by The Campaign for an Independent Britain For 35 years,CIB has led efforts to safeguard our
nation’s sovereignty. We are a democratic, independent and strictly
remaining a non-party political pressure group, supported by membership
subscriptions and donations from members of the public. Our objective is
Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union whilst maintaining trading
and friendly relations with other countries

. Enquiries 07092 857684

2 thoughts on “Sean on Telly Yesterday

  1. Excellent appearance there Sean; direct and clear and to the point. Hard to tell from the edited highlights, but it also seemed to off-balance thy host for shifting the question from the ideologically hegemonic “what will make people vote” to “why it’s not worth it”; that is, from the implicit assumption of the debate that voting is a Good Thing.

  2. I once worked out an economic proof of why voting was actually a financially illogical act as one of the many reasons why I don’t vote. It went along the lines of working out the maximum financial gain I could make from any of the main parties coming to power, dividing that by probability of my constituency being the swing MP and dividing that by the probability of my vote being the deciding one in my constituency. Then comparing that to the (opportunity) cost of going to the polling station. Playing the lottery is more financially sound.

    Not to mention living in an always-Labour constituency in a first past the post system means my vote CANNOT be heard.

    Also, the system we have has the Lib Dems on 22.1% of the votes cast, Labour on 35.3% but Labour have 5.745 times the number of seats. Where’s democracy in that system?

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