GOD WHAT A fun thing, like flies to a lamp

David Davis

Now, we have all known about The Sting, which was designed to catch moneygrubbing GramscoFabiaNazis, who we hate and who we regard as sub-moral. Well, here is the way they got caught. What fun, like flies on a piece of fly-paper.

I don’t think these people actually know what fly-paper is. They are too young and have also probably had the “wrong parents”.

How sad can that be.

Look here, you GramscoStalinists: NOBODY, I repeat nobody, is stopping you from getting money. Money is lovely – did you ever meet a “capitalist” who said otherwise? I bet you 50p you did not.

Look guys, you can get all the money you could ever imagine. All you’d have to do is succeed at selling something that other bastards and buggers want to buy. Is it so hard?

Look at Bill Gates. He brought us, and you, all you effing bastards, out of the darkness of uncomputing. He brought you out of the darkness of unwindows, (and Steve Jobs is teflon-coated even today, why?) into the Dawn of DOS. Apple? What would “Apple” have done for you, if “Bad Bill” had not done what he did?  The “i-Phone” would be $1,369,995, and you’d not have a hope. So dream on.

I’m going to invent a Meddlar-fruiting hybrid called a F***-Apple. And I even have an i-Phone…but it’s really not the best. It’s, sort of…OK. It works, all right? But it’s not “intuitive”, it’s not “windowsy” and I can’t get to be fast on it. It’s too “Apple-y” and it wants to try to control my life too much.

I don’t “do my life” online. I’m an old liberatarian conservative blogger. And so I don’t really want that level of interaction.

6 thoughts on “GOD WHAT A fun thing, like flies to a lamp

  1. Nice rant, David. Having a bad tech day? From having a go at the political numpties – they obviously actually learned nothing from Today Blair – to Microsoft as a demonstration of the free market (and of pig troughing IP farming too of course) – to glorious self-pity about not being able to use it all (but still spending money on it).

    Everything in one post!


  2. Hi Jock old fella!

    I do try: sometimes I don’t succeed very well.

    I have been not very well lately, and Michael and others have been putting time in on the bolg, but I do like the i-Phone I do really, it’s nice and chunky and tries to do what it says on the tin. I am getting used to it!

    We should have a beer sometime, do you ever come up North?

  3. and Steve Jobs is teflon-coated even today, why?

    Jobs is perceived as a Proggie, Gates as a Capitalist. Simple as that. The Proggies aren’t opposed to the “free market” so long as it is moral in nature; that is they are happy for private enterpise (or a zombie form of it) so long as it does “moral” things. Thus corporations that overtly identify themselves with proggieness (Apple, Google) are admired, even worshipped- a bright young leftie thing will exclaim, “I ❤ my google on my Macbook"!

    But immoral corporations are despised, for not being "progressive".

    Or more specifically, the hatred of Microsoft stems entirely from a letter he wrote to "the computing community" at the Dawn Of Time; particularly the Homebrew Computer Club, a nest of bearded lefties who as a matter of course believed that computing should be "free"; 1970 Stone Age cybercommunists.

    So when Gates wrote them a letter asking them to stop copying his software- thus revealing himself as that most despised thing, a "capitalist"- he aroused their undying weenie fury, which persists to this day as the generalised cybercommie hatred of Microsoft.

    It is morally righteous to love Apple, and hate Microsoft. It's a kind of religous thing.

  4. Microsoft got the mass of the rest of us – those benighted non-techie people who just wanted little computers to mostly work most of the time, moderately well, by just being switched on and a few basic things being understood – out of the full-darkness of “uncomputing”, and through the jittery dawn of DOS and Windows 3.1, into the bright morning of Windows XP.

    XP is still on this machine as I write.

    People hate Gates also because some of them, being really really allnighter-coffee-techies, think you should have the ability to “write code” and modify your own system. Well, good luck to them: I have not time, and my wife would groan in resigned disgust even more than she now does.

    Also, I think some people in the socialist part of the Anglosphere hate people who are successful, and also who look plutocratic at the same moment. Gates does: Richard Branson is not hated as much, although successful, because he looks like a drunken old hippie rather than a major tycoon in control of a large enterprise.

  5. isn’t bill gates rather dodgily in favour of population reduction and related things?
    That said, it’s arguable that without his efforts we wouldn.t be having this conversation… and i love my windows phone!

  6. Now we learn that Bill Gates is to give away lots of his money to “good causes”. I guess this is OK, for it’s his dosh to do with as pleases him.

    He wants first to “eradicate polio from the planet”. Fair enough. He said: I now have no use, any more, for all this money”, or words to that effect.

    Did Steve Jobs do anything like that…however misguided by greenies and luvvies and “UN-groupies” and other forms of Nazis (who will get their teeth into his monied ankles) Gates might yet be?

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