No use voting Tory, Sean, not really, not any more

David Davis

Sean Gabb, on this column, bravely defended the position that we ought to vote Tory this time, to give us just a little more time before fully-sliding down into the eternal cesspool of the socialist Endarkenment. Something might turn up: you cannot know unless we could try it. It could be worth the candle, the game could. A few more years to organise, under a State that won’t, probably, actually turn its police’s guns on its own people.

But now we have this. And indeed, when you watch Gordon Brown at PM’s questions, he really does seem like a fighter whho truly believes what he is saying, and who truly believe in the unutterably-irrevocable wickedness of the Tories and others, any others, that oppose him and his. You can see how Simon-Cowell-educated people will wamr to him and will tend to vote for him.

We are truly f****d. But hopefully the setting-in of the true rot will take some time. However, knowledge still exists in distributed form, and we can ameliorate the effects of civilisational decay (barring violence and fire) over the years and decades.

It looks like we have to go down to the bottom, before we can go up. Like the poor Germans. So we might as well vote for whoever pleases us.


  • The delusional ALWAYS believe what they’re saying. He is mentally deranged.


  • Yep, it probably has to get worse before it can get better, though now the mad sods are spending more than half of GDP you’d have though the situation had just about hit the buffers. The thing is this: will it stop there? Or does it have to crash through the buffers and go on through the concourse destroying everything until coming to a halt in the smouldering ruins of what used to be the coffee shop and newsagent?

  • *runs into newsagent during chaos and steals copy of Razzle*

  • Dont forget DIGNITY FOR ALL

    Sign this:-

  • It looks like we have to go down to the bottom, before we can go up. Like the poor Germans. So we might as well vote for whoever pleases us.

    Yep. I can’t see any difference whoever wins…
    Totalitarianisms get taken care of by entropy eventually so I suppose whoever will get us there the quickest would be favourite? Unfortunately quickest in this case will probably be a difference of weeks or months rather than years.

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