Sorry about lack of activity

David Davis

Fact is, we are all rather tied up at present. I am trying to tidy my library: Fred Bloggs is revising for exams: Peter Davis is playing cello in Dublin. Steven Northwood is probably in the pub, which is sound, and can’t access us on his sub-etheric-communicator. I’m not entirely sure what Sean Gabb is up to as we speak, but it probably is constructive as usual. Michael is punching pigs in his pasture-lands. (One followed him unexpectedly into a ditch, in a vertical sense, the other week. The pig lived: no free-range pigs were harmed in his unplanned fall.)

We do have several other bloggers on the establishment, but they “pretend to not know us”: before the cock crows twice, they will have denied us went something like that, didn’t it, on that fateful Friday Morning. But we do love them really. They know who they are.

Normal blogging will be resumed asap. Perhaps even as soon as tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Sorry about lack of activity

  1. don’t you ever worry me like that again young man!

    I was starting to think you were all on the Red List or something… πŸ˜‰

  2. I wish I was in the pub David! I’ve got an assignment to complete by Friday and it’s one of those awkward ones. Mind you, aren’t they all? Still, a case of cool beer awaits on Friday evening. πŸ˜‰

  3. You mean which beer was that Tony? Usually Beck’s or Peroni, or any other pale lager that’s clean and crisp. Pure pleasure… πŸ˜›

  4. Sean, apart from your works of fiction being very entertaining and thought provoking, they will probably cause me to divert yet more attention from my all-important studies with the Open University a.k.a Oxbridge for chavs! Your novels are always good as well but I can always make time for them! πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Tony,

    I don’t drink any of that stuff, in particular the stuff brewed in the UK. They seem to use some kind of chemical to brew it, which they leave in, and it not only gives the beer a sicky yellow colour and synthetic taste, but it causes one hell of a hangover when compared to the clearer pale lagers such as Beck’s and Peroni. And I don’t drink anything other than lager, no spirits or fruit-based drinks (I have a particular aversion to cider) so I’ve developed a particular taste. I won’t be grandiose enough to suggest that I’m a connoisseur as I’m generally just like a good kick-back and relax!

    Hi Sean,

    Yep, a common mistake! I’ll look forward to that one anyway.

  6. I haven’t, but I’ve heard they’re quite good and I’m tempted to try the Lech brand. Come to think of it, I think I will next time.

  7. I’ve not tried Lech, Zbegnow (it’s not called that but it starts with a ‘z’) isn’t too bad. I found Tyskie to strangely be akin to Super Tennents despite being the same strength as the others… odd and I wasn’t too keen.

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