Libertarian Alliance Quote of the Day

David Davis

“The general character and disposition of the Rationalist are, I think, not difficult to identify. At bottom he stands for independence of mind on all occasions, for thought free from obligation to any authority save the authority of `reason’. His circumstances in the modern world have made him contentious: he is the enemy of authority, of prejudice, of the merely traditional, customary or habitual. His mental attitude is at once sceptical and optimistic: sceptical, because there is no opinion, no habit, no belief, nothing so firmly rooted or so widely held that he hesitates to question it and to judge it by what he calls his `reason’; optimistic, because the Rationalist never doubts the power of his `reason’ (when properly applied) to determine the worth of a thing, the truth of an opinion or the propriety of an action.”[1]

Michael Oakeshott

You can see the full Libertarian Alliance publication from which this quote is truncated right off the top, here:-

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