Pit bulls and New labour

David Davis

I wonder if there’s a corelation between the keeping of “power dogs” and Labour Rotten/Pocket Boroughs?

A Pit-Bull a day keeps the MP at bay.


  • Criminals tend to be right-wing inclined.

    As Social Darwinists that’s not surprising. ‘Survival of the fittest’ fits closely with Social Darwinist attitudes.


  • Then why are left-wing-gauleitered boroughs busting at the seams with them?

  • Because most criminally-inclined people don’t vote!


  • Criminals are all about want satisfaction, the dogs ease the process. There is of course the added plus of enjoying fear pain and suffering inflicted on others while they are about their business. Pit bulls are perfect, they provide “at work protection” and an easy means of inflicting such fear pain and suffering on others. The sanctions for owning a killer dog are minimal and derisory, making them a weapon of choice for many in Crime Inc. often better than fire arms.

    The left liberal elite, labour under the illusion these dog assisted criminals are bad because we made them so, Marxian analysis at its best. Socialists fawn on criminals and illegals of all sorts as sources of votes and grist to their view of the world.

    There is a very clear correlation between poverty and socialism; the dogs are a manifestation of that link. Where you find socialism you find crime and you will come across attack dogs, it is all part of the inner city ecology of despair fanned by socialism.

    Do the socialists need the dogs? Yep, the social disaster is essential to electing labour candidates, the more attack dogs on the scene the more it looks in need of socialist ministrations to the benighted public. The may not be a policy link here but there is a correlation.

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