A Time for Unity

Sean Gabb

I will begin spewing venom at our new rulers tomorrow morning. For the moment, I will observe a dignified silence.

5 thoughts on “A Time for Unity

  1. “I will begin spewing venom at our new rulers tomorrow morning.”

    By which time, no doubt, they will be fully deserving of it!

  2. So far as I can tell from the first reports, the agreement is that they’re going to raise taxes while not significantly cutting spending, and in return the Liberals will support the Conservatives until they don’t feel like supporting them any more, or something.

    No change really, but we’ve probably avoided ID cards. I suspect we’re still heading for a tragedy of Greek proportions.

    I feel much the same feeling of discomfort and mild nausea as I felt on a particular morning in 1997, with the strains of “Things Can Only Get Better” still echoing in my ears.

    Still, now that we seem to have introduced a new tradition that British leaders must demonstrate their virility by procreating while in office, it’s nice to see that Dave got his in early.

  3. Ian, you need to remember that the biometric passports replace the ID cards any way so it’s no victory.

    Febuary next year I reckon for the next election.

  4. We did all promise, that we’d be as hard on slightly nervous and in-training Tory leftists, as on proper serious fascist leftists who’ve been doing the Pol-Pot-is-a-far-seeing-leader thing since high-school.

    Yes, I think another election inside a year. How can the current bustness of the Labour party and the Limp-Dems be ensured to continue until that time and beyond?

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