More crime

David Davis

More crime is a result of socialism, and is planned as part of the “project”. Socialism needs crime for self-validation. It is the initial objective of socialism, to raise crime levels, especially in civilised pluralist democratic and classical liberal polities.

The most proximal reason for any crime is the individual voluntary decision to commit it. The objective of it is the abatement of the property-rights of another person. This is why socialism is cool about crime, cool about the causes of crime.

The purpose of this tactic is to get people to agree to things like “putting more police on the beat”. It is to accustom societies to the presence of “more police”, more “types of police” (an interesting one, this) and to having more police “carrying arms”, coupled with an increasingly disarmed population. Except for the classes of persons designated officially as “criminals”, who may arm to the teeth without any restriction.

The purpose of more police is so that they can do more policing. More policing means that more people will be subject to the attentions of the police for more time. This is entirely in tune with the notion that people are essentially bad, and need policing. The logical conclusion is that in time, we shall all either be police , or else criminals.

We should all vote for the next party that says “we will put fewer police on the beat, for we know that you will all then behave as better people”.

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