If arms offer power and protection, they belong in the hands of the People

David Davis

And no I didn’t invent that myself: it is the formal policy-position of the Swiss “Government” (if that word is not slightly tautological.)

Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome nicely articulates the position most of us take on here, which is that now is definitely not the time to do kneejerk, Tabloid-Million-Moms-driven legislation to further restrict, or even ban entirely, all firearms, thus taking us as a people into the territory of the Third Reich, wherein Himmler said that private gun ownership and licensing was “inconvenient” for the State. Except for Göring of course.

I have been excoriated on Facebook, for saying that these periodic massacres, ostensibly by lone crazed lunatics, are set up by the “authorities” every time they want to ratchet up the gun controls here. With hindight, I’m prepared to suspect (but only suspect) that I was wrong in this particular case. But my major thesis still stands I think. We will anyhow know the truth about Dunblane in about 80 years’ time.



  • Cameron talks the business but lets see if he eventually doesnt crumble to the gun control advocates. The British people are already treated like wards of the state enough to yet have more freedoms for the common man taken away.

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  • I too disagree with the idea that periodic gun rampages in the UK are carried out by Manchurian candidates – assuming I understand you correctly in this matter, David.

    I do, however, believe that our leaders’ habit of “contingency planning” often includes having new gun control (and other restrictive) legislation ready and waiting for such incidents to happen.

    Quite simply, the statist media and masses look to leaders to “do something” asap on an ex post facto basis – and the new measures are our leaders’ ready made response, carefully prepared to give themselves maximum political power and electoral glory, and (of course) yet more taxpayers’ money and freedoms.

  • Christopher’s comment has the ring of truth about it. Not that i’d put it past them mind, just that tragedies like this are inevitable and waiting for them to happen naturally is just far simpler, and therefore far less likely to get you into trouble. That’s not to say that all “news events” occur naturally mind you. there are several i believe orchestrated but that’s a whole other story.

    Thanks for facebooking my post this morning by the way 🙂

  • In New Hampshire you don’t need a license to own a gun, only to carry a concealed weapon.

    To date, mass killings don’t seem to happen here. Perhaps the potential killers have to consider if there are others out there that just might shoot back.

    Please note there is an FBI check on gun purchase which is reasonable.

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