Dial 999 and Die…

Christopher Houseman

It’s good to know what Joe Public’s life is worth when duty calls

We can but hope this is an exceptional case; but then facing an imminent danger to one’s life is also pretty exceptional for most people. So the question remains: Are you sure you want to trust the Police to save you? It could be your final answer anyway.


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  • SARAs – Search And Rescue Alarms are key to moving policing on to a better service.

    Typically, a SARA takes the form of a GPS system wired into an emergency wireless transmitter which — when activated by the wearer as a bracelet, pendant or as preferred — transmits a personal ID and GPS co-ordinates to the rescue service of choice. Response times and case information can be logged and published, enabling the citizen to make an informed choice as to which rescue service provider offers the best service. Threatened violence is deterred; prompt response gives a better chance of preventng further damage, and collection of witness evidence.

    These gadgets are minimally costly. In Iraq, civilian contractors won’t travel without such a service. They transform policing into a customer-driven, event-driven service, which enables a free choice between rival personal protection providers.


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