Middle-Class lefties

David Davis

Ed West of the DT comments here.



  • I have repeatedly observed that the majority of people believe whatever is considered the ‘mainstream’ belief. Groupthink is a very real phenomenon. The great majority of people will reject ideas that are not mainstream purely on the basis that because they are not mainsteam they must be ‘extreme’ or ‘fringe’. Whereas anything in the mainstream, by definintion is ‘moderate’.

    I think it can be understood through evolution. We evolved in small groups where conformity of belief would have been important. For basic reasons of survival people would have to ‘fit in’ the group.

    So, we have the majority of people following the lead of the MSM and then creating false rationalistions for their beliefs. Which shows that you can not change the majority of peoples minds through the power of reason. Rather a broader cultural attack is needed on the instruments of propaganda.

  • The Tea Party movement is beginning to change that group think for a large number of people here in the US of A.

    The trick is to stay at the grindstone for years like the maxists did. If you persist the prevailing thoughts can be changed. Plan to keep up the diatribe for years to come!

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