Arrested? Shot on Sight, More Like….

Blair must be arrested

John Pilger

Published 04 August 2010

Having helped destroy other nations far away, our former prime minister — “peace envoy” to the Middle East — is now free to profit from the useful contacts he made while working as a “servant of the people”.



  • As ever, the chattering class — and, presumably, our hosts — focus their ire upon the monkey, rather than the organ grinder; whatever Blair’s own pretensions, he was never head of state.

    It amuses and saddens me in equal measure that those who lament the state of our nation today, who rightly castigate the actions of the political class over the last 50 years, never consider that one individual has been complicit in all of the deleterious changes that have foisted upon us: our monarch.

    Constitutional niceties aside (and they are but niceties), the Queen has the power to veto any legislation that she doesn’t wish to see enacted. But she has consistently failed to exercise that power, even when the Parliamentary Act(s) that she was approving resulted in the dilution of her own, and her Parliament’s, powers (e.g. transfer of sovereignty to the EU).

    The perennial refrain of monarchists is that individuals ruling thus are better placed to take the long-term view of what is right and proper for their nation, absent of the short term economic, political and personal short-term goals that drive professional politicians. It is hard to think of a better rebuttal to this argument than the (in)action of the current monarch during her reign.

    Of course Blair was/is a nasty, avaricious little charlatan. But what are we to expect? In elective democracies, it will always be those who wish to further their own interests that will seek such high office in order to do so: it’s the simple pursuit of economic self interest in action, after all.

    But let us never forget that one individual had/has the power (and, sadly, a majority of the British public still seem to believe the moral authority also) to stop the rot in our nation. And has consistently failed to exercise that power. Blair and his ilk come and go, but one person continues to stand above them all, and continues to run our nation into the ground.

    Still, “God bless ‘er”, eh? [doffs cap]

  • The Queen does indeed have very veryucto answer for. Admirable individual though she may be, there is a limit to the extent that we can go on with the pretence that she has been “badly advised”. She is, after all, old enough to be the granny of most of her advisers. She cannot pretend, any more, that they know better than she (should do by now) knows on the basis of her eperience and her particular place in this nation’s history, which OUGHT TO have given her a unique insight into the workings of GramsoSocialism.

    There. That’s the Queen out of the way.

    The problem of Iraq remains. (1) Were we right to go to war? (2) Was this even what any pre-20th-cent polity would have called a “war”?

    My answers are (1) yes, and (2) no.

    Readers of this blog will know, whether they agree or not) that I have always suppported Blair’s entry into Iraq and Afghanistan. Saddam, the murdering wicked buthering letcher with 30+ gold-toileted palaces directly modelled on Stalin’s which he visited on purpose to model, needed to become dead, and if his people could not do it out of fear and terror, then we had to.

    WMDs, although they did exist as the Polish Coalition Forces found quite fresh French ones and were threatened with non-membership of the EU if they grassed, wree short-range and were not the issue. the issue is that, if libertarians are serious about the next 300 years of our history, they will find they have to come down on the side of vigorous armed intervention to remove scumbag murdering dictators, wherevere they may be and whoever they are right now torturing and killing.

    Only then will the irresistible forces propelling our University lecturers to keep re-corrupting our students here, diminish. It is not yet considered to be quite suitable to round up and execute Western University teachers and their friends in the “Department for Children, Schools and Families” – a proper Nazi-invented title if evere you saw one! – for being lefty supporters of the Nazi British Political Enemy-Class and for promoting their views about civilisation and what it should be like.

    In view of this limitation, the victorious struggle of liberation of all people, especially the gullible and uncurious downtrodden trash of all nations, will have to be conducted by the “Foreign and War” Department.

  • Steven Northwood

    That’s the best headline I’ve seen in a long while! 🙂

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