I wonder if you know?

Michael Winning

I was looking as you do at stuff about farming and food production, and I woked out that the total of the world’s productuve acreage is a square, 2,500 x 2,500 miles. You could just about fit that into the Sahara desert, so this PR handout by greens and whingers didn’t impress me.


  • Richer, more technologically advanced nations investing in backward, poor countries. Making marginal land productive and giving wages to malnourished subsistence peasants.

    Oh the humanity!

    Ever noticed how rich greens/lefties romanticise other peoples poverty and backwardness?

  • Without the continued forcing-up of populations of “the Poor”, GramscoStaiNazis and the DeathPeace-Greens-of-Subsistence-and-Human-Extinction will have no raison-d’etre. We have already shown them and their beliefs to be hideous, which is why they now kill.

  • I think Michael’s spellchecking is still a bit off.

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