More Wonderful News for the Slovaks

Sean Gabb

Following the brilliant success of his translated novel Sprisahanie v Rime, my friend Richard Blake – the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling author – tells me that Slovart wishes to translate his Terror of Constantinople into Slovak.

In the past few months, the Slovaks have had one novel by Richard Blake put into their language; they have seen off a sub-Blairite socialist government; their football team did well in the World Cup. Now, they are to have yet another of Mr Blake’s novels.

Truly, they cup of joys runneth over….

7 thoughts on “More Wonderful News for the Slovaks

  1. Wrong, Sean,

    I lived in Vancouver, Canada for five months in 1976, and I visited New Zealand on the way back from Australia, where I lived from 1958 to 1959 (I attended Geelong Grammar School, Australia).


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