Gun control kills British soldiers in Afghanistan…

Christopher Houseman

according to this BBC article. So how will it keep British civilians safe at home?


  • ”Adrian Major, of Cleethorpes, North East Lincs, whose 18-year-old son Jimmy was shot last year in Helmand, said he had been told it was too expensive to issue every soldier with a pistol.”

    ”The MoD said cost was not an issue and not all troops carried a pistol.”

    I think the MOD is lying. The lie isn’t so shocking, what is shocking is how easily and glibly they lie and how much we have come ot accept it as normal.

  • We should buy our own pistols. We can. You just need to know who to go to. (I don’t, in case the State is watching….)

    Then we can each buy two, and give one each, with its supply of “food”, to any squaddie whom we know. About 300 rounds would probably do him for an Afghan tour.

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