Breaking News…(royal wedding imminent)

Michael Winning

DD wrote about this in one of the first posts on this blog I find.

8 thoughts on “Breaking News…(royal wedding imminent)

  1. Everyone knows it’s an arranged marriage of convenience between the much fabled and outed holey Prince Cocksucker and a commoner wench. That the UK government is trying to make it a popular media thing on the world stage through a media blitz is all the more embarrassing, humiliating and debilitating to those who buy into it.

  2. When we have a British Revolutionary Libertarian government (minimal-statist) we shall need a Head of State, to have someone to whom all the whingeing pommy Europeans can complain and thump the table at, because we left them.

    Sean Gabb or I would be likely to simply press the eject-button: these others are sufficiently good-mannered not to.

  3. I am not in favour of this royal wedding. Kate Middleton is too low-class. I was repulsed by the statement to the cameras by her parents, with her father not bothering with a tie and her mother wearing a jumpsuit, as if she were about to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show. Now I read that William is going to prosecute anyone who photographs the royals with a telephoto lens. He doesn’t appear to understand the role of the monarch. I expect he will be a “modernising” rather than traditional king. It is time to explore other options.

  4. But isn’t it nice, in a way, to see how painfully all the lefto-Stalinists of the Grauniad, and the “Independent”, will be squirming and mewling, for nearly a year? Savour it while you can, before they come for us with their firing-squads, to show us liberals how they are right.

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