What the EU-governmint thinks of elections…

especially in places like Ireland.

David Davis

7 thoughts on “What the EU-governmint thinks of elections…

  1. They are very open and honest in demanding an end to national governments and their replacement with central, completely undemocratic, European control.

    It is an elephant in the room, huge, obvious and completely ignored.

  2. I might agree with the sentiments, Ian, but not the mode of expression. I believe Ireland would be better off temporarily adopting sterling.

  3. dj, i think the Irish would rather suffer another potato famine than adapt sterling again.

    However, they would certainly be sensible to shrug off the Euro as soon as possible. Unfortunately the worse things become the more they seem to turn toward Europe out of insecurity and a failure of self confidence.

    I wonder what it would take to get the Irish to face up to the fact that the Euro is the central cause of their woes?

  4. The wrong result is the right result, the sooner the Euro twaddlers and their chums are put out to grass the better. Rather disappointed the meltdown, so often promised, never happens. Nuff said.

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