I don’t like it….it’s too quiet…

Michael Winning

Not much about poor Ireland right now, perhaps the journos are all stuck in the snow.

It says over at Conservative Home blog (HOward Flight, he of the comments about paying the underclass to beget more labour voters) that Germany might leave the Euro. I can’t see a problem myself, the Merkel-Hilda just has to say the word. I think most of “her” people are baying quietly for he to do it.



  • Worth reading a recent Dan Hannan post about this.

    The PIIGS crisis helps Germany enourmously by devaluing the Euro and boosting their export lead growth. If they took the DM back then their export market would be completely buggered.

    The German politicians/Merkel have to feign concern in order to maintain the charade for their benefit and also to not appear to be as ghastly as they are.

  • At the moment the Euro zone is a mechanism for transferring wealth from the poorer parts of Europe to Germany. By forcing the poorer countries to stick with an overvalued currency for them and an undervalued one for Germany then Germany industry wins hugely.

    The cost of the bailouts is pretty small in comparision with the benefits to Germany of basically economically colonising all of Europe.

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