Dear me, the BBC at the anti-capitalist-sauce, again….

David Davis

I couldn’t just let this one go: the subliminal message just chimes in so well with today’s British-State GCSE/A-level “Geography” “syllabuses”. Everyone probably believed it wholeheartedly – it was said on the “Telly”… After all, the “educationists” who produce the syllabus-twaddle just love maundering on about TNCs based in MEDCs exploiting the Pull-Factor among MDPs in LEDCs.

You couldn’t make it up: the use of so many acronyms guarantees the unemployability of any British-State-geography student in any capacity other than a Soviet Metropolitan Council planning department.


  • Filthy liars, the bloody lot of them.

  • Speaking of Geography, as an A level student who actually took one the papers this morning just under a quarter of the marks were on a question that actually required you to justify billions of pounds of Government spending on aid for Bangladesh on the basis that ‘rich nations’ caused global warming and therefore we should be forced to contribute to fighting it (with one source suggesting for every 10000 tonnes of carbon produced, industries should be forced to sponser a Bangladeshi family).

  • I think that Bangal-Deshi people would give their eye-teeth – at least, the ones I know here – for a few more good old high-density power stations. Some beef for pumping out the diver delta system every few months would be good I guess.

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