No global warming since 1998, well then.

Michael Winning

I could have told them that, living where I do.

6 thoughts on “No global warming since 1998, well then.

  1. To say that not a lot of warming took place last December here in rural Lincolnshire, would be an understatement. I’ve never seen so much snow, and it didn’t feel all that warm to me!

  2. I have noticed a resurgence of Warmist propaganda after a hiatus. All sorts of drivel such as trying to link the completety normal flooding in Australia to Global Warming. Claims which are emotive and clearly nonsensical, claims which wilfully ignore the difference between weather and climate.

    The Warmist lie. the fact they feel the need to repeatedly lie is all the evidence I need that their beliefs are false.

  3. The “warmist” case is not helped by the inefficiency of the technology they’re promoting as the saviour of mankind.

    I drove past the “windfarm” at Connisholme this morning at ten past nine, and again at ten o’clock. Despite this being quite a breezy day, not one of the rotors was turning! To be fair, I suppose they could be doing some vital maintenance, but let’s face it – windy day, windfarm not working, epic FAIL!

  4. While talking about global warming we tend to avoid discussing few major causes of Global Warming.

    Everyday new research papers are out and new stories are told about “Global Warming”.

    I happened to watch this documentar­y “Meat The Truth” in online film festival “Green Unplugged” this documentar­y made me aware of few other things about global Warming which I never thought would be contributi­ng so much towards it

    I would suggest everyone to watch this documentar­y.

  5. Wot no global warming! Shame really, it was fun while it lasted. Never was so much drivel created by such dunderheads for so long for no really good reason. If it wasn’t so expensive it would be hilarious would it not?

    This has been one of the coolest summers for a while in New Hampshire, no doubt caused by massive global warming. I would put it down to dust from volcanoes, but what do I know? The truth is flatulent cows, or so we’re told.

    In my darker moments I imagine what it must be like for a polar bears in a world without ice to chill their Coca-Cola’s. The one the plus side, selling ice cream to Eskimos would be a thoroughly sound trade to be involved in.

    Along with aging hippies, global warming academics will move into the world of legend, mystery, and myth. “Daddy what is a goofball warming Academy?” one might hear a child say sometime midcentury. But who would know what the answer is, or more to the point who would care?

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