Quit Smoking, Get a Harder Erection – No Evidence, but now an Official Fact!

by W.C. Douglass MD

Don’t believe the hype: Smoking won’t make you smaller

The “science” on smoking isn’t about finding the truth. It’s about getting people to quit, no matter what. The latest research proves again that you can make any wild claim you want as long as it pushes that anti-tobacco agenda.

This time, the Health Police claim that men who quit get the instant gift of firmer, harder erections — and I’m sure the headlines alone had plenty of guys ready to kick the habit.

You know how it is: If a study found that hitting yourself in the head with a hammer would produce a firmer erection, lines at hardware stores across the country would be out the door by the end of the day.

But don’t toss your Zippo yet — toss this study instead, because it doesn’t mean zippo for your penis. For the study, just 20 of the 65 men roped into this one managed to quit smoking, and none of them — not a single one! — actually noticed a change in the quality of his erections.

The “improvement” mentioned in the study was so small it could only be detected by a lab device called a penile plethysmograph. Yet that was all the researchers needed to crank up the old propaganda machine.

In a rare moment of honesty, study author Christopher Harte even let the cat out of the bag in an interview with Reuters.

“Regardless of if this really does apply to all men who smoke or not, (the goal was) just getting the word out that men could be aware of this finding, so it could influence their decisions to start the quitting process,” he was quoted as saying.

Translation: “Who cares if it’s true — let’s run with it anyway!”

Reuters was only too happy to play along — their headline screamed, “Smokers don’t make better lovers.”

But I won’t play their game.

I’ll pick science over sensationalism every time, and you’re not going to believe what the objective science says about smoking: Tobacco can help BEAT heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

If you want to learn more about health issues that go against the mainstream click here.


  • Someone should start a rumour that the body parts of hanged Tories when used as talismans will confer lifelong sexual stamina on the person who avails himself of them. It’s worth a try – this kind of thing has driven several species of animal to the verge of extinction.

  • Rob, I find it unlikely that anyone could be both superstitious enough and degraded enough to want to adorn himself with such disgusting trinkets. Even if they did work, they would surely lead to one’s lusts being warped in very inconvenient ways. It would be highly embarrassing to develop a monstrously prominent erection only when in the company of low-grade prostitutes or callow young men in pinstripe suits.

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