You Are In No Position To Level Criticism Of Me!

You Are In No Position To Level Criticism Of Me!
Guy Leven-Torres
20th October 2011

In six long years I have written 3,500 articles six books and spent £50,000 of my own money trying to get people to think for themselves and act to save this country, indeed freedom and civilisation itself. To add insult to injury- for you injure yourselves and future innocent generations by your cowardly apathy- my wife and father have supported me in all that time to do what I must without complaint, in order to try a last ditch attempt to awaken souls but have miserably failed to do. What good are endless e.mails and blether? In this last I probably excel.

None of you will ever know my real identity and whom and what I represent and I would refer those interested in such things to Psalm 45. Make of it what you will. I have been a scholar, soldier entrepreneur, thinker, philosopher, archaeologist, husband, father and now writer, although as yet I will not claim the epithet ‘prophet’. One doesn’t need to be a ‘seer’ or ‘necromancer’ to see where we are headed.- I am but a ‘commonsenser’.

I have been a high ranking officer too commanding armies and higher still but not in any life or army you will know or even remember. You will find no account of my exploits in any modern history but they happened I assure you. I will not lie to you and never will. One day, perhaps not too far away you will understand more fully. Rest assured though I love this country and what it stands for. I have lost many good men in defence of it and an ideal. This generation are simply not up to it …yet but they may have to become so if they wish to survive. I am legend, even if you do not understand…as yet.

I am amused that people think I am not a ‘Christian’ with one man who accusing me of not being so, claiming proudly ‘That is why I became Christian’. It is interesting to note that these people accuse others of the same ‘sin’ of pride they display themselves. They even told me that I worshipped a false Jesus Christ and poured anger and contempt upon me for simply stating historical fact that the Bible- which actually regularly inspires me- was not ‘entirely’ the Word of God or written by single authors but many over hundreds, even thousands of years. I had no idea these men and women knew more about God than He himself does, or his servants like myself and thousands of others who do what I do, to get Mankind to realise what he truly is and represents- a totally free, self-authoritative being acting under the aegis of pure Reason and Morality under which we can only exist in perfect liberty. Life is about consent.

What do we find instead (for I do not work alone)? A race of beings pathetically clinging to the evil corruption of the human mind and spirit- endless trite dogma- that ‘frees’ the believer from having to think for him or herself-Oh yes Men and Women are both equal in the eyes of God- but also to enslave themselves, even suffer and murder in order to do so! Appalling! Two thousand years after Christ showed you the way but you still cling to your dogma in spite of the science that has been revealed to you by the Creator. It makes us weep. It is even worse when one man or group seek to use that sacred knowledge to pursue their own agendas! How many more millions must suffer and die to suit these evildoers? Do you not know that you are brother and sister all?

You spout your endless dogma- Atheist, Marx, Moslem, Christian, pagan, capitalism, communism, multiculturalism and all the other endless idiocy. As for strapping bombs to yourselves to satisfy some desert godlet and to ‘punish’ women- for failure to dress in tents or even to discuss the ‘merits’ of whether a Moslem woman can be allowed to show but one eye?- It would be hilarious, if it was not so sick? God the Father- created women to be admired, as an expression of beauty gifted to you by the Lord your God. Have you not read ‘Genesis’ and the command. ‘Go forth and multiply?’ Would you rather God the Father created weather worn aged ugly hags?

Art stems from women and their perfection. Women’s beauty inspires all branches of the finer arts, even belief in a higher being. Yet what do we see? Evil men seeking to become God in their preferred image that sought to undo the Master Plan in which men and women are equal before the Father, not a prized bit of meat or beast of burden! All these ‘dogmas’ are women haters- have you not noticed? Look at the disgusting behaviour of the so called ‘Church’ in past ages? Then they compound their sin by actively pursuing and agitating for same sex marriage and even – God forbid!- child sex. Jesus said ‘Whoever harms one single hair on these harms me!’ So why do so many of you do so? Your children are illiterate, your lands given to rapacious foreigners who despise you and even your God whom you have betrayed. You would rather crumple under tyranny, vice and avarice simply to live in comfort and so become part of the very evil you affect to despise. God will not know you when the time comes for you refused to know Him….You will cry ‘But Lord I have gone to Church every Sunday and preached your cause!’ But God will be silent for you already know the timeless truth within each and every one of you. I am no saint and have no intention of being one but I do my duty come what may.

Seventy short years ago my father and his RAF colleagues lost 74% of their comrades to free you from Hitler, who was in fact one of the many anti-Christs, as was Napoleon. 74%– 2 in 3 aircrew paid with their lives!!! Think on that a while…. An old dying man in Wales tries his best to get you to act. His ideas may be wrong- as I have told him- but he tries. God notices things like that. I have failed too but the sin is not in failure but in not doing what I have done, kept trying to do!

Now I shall rest my pen…..

Scorn and mock what I say (and you will) but very soon events will astound you! And even then the doubters will doubt as they always do!

Don’t say that we did not warn you!



  • Er…..golly. Have to think about that one for a bit.

  • I tried thinking about it but it didn’t do any good. I’m still. eh, what?

  • Maurice N.Petit-Dejener

    Did you in fact channel Agricola for this magnum opus, Guy? I note he has had a hand in previous efforts of yours.

  • Ernst Schicklgruber

    I hear that another of your incarnations perished at Teutobergwald

  • No Ian and Grant I know your humour anywhere. You were removed from
    SEFA fair and square. Why be so petty? We even gave you a car and you repay us like this. This is not getting you anywhere. Like all the other nasty comments you are your group have left on other sites- your IP address is probably the local library of the latest place your chum Ian is working as a care advisor. the Police and DWP are onto you both by the way. Five years for breaking confidentiality I believe according to my nurse wife.

  • And it is not mental illness my wife cares for but cancer by the way.

  • Its name is follicular mucinosis fungoides-skin lymphoma.
    And no I will not be commenting anymore…..I have better things to do. This is a very good site and personal squabbles between us should not involve these people who have kindly published a lot of my articles. Leave them alone. As one woman saod to me your silence would be appreciated. I suggest you do as I did. Shut up!

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