Propaganda for Fiscal Embezzlement

by D.J. Webb

I have commented on Peter Oborne’s blog on the budget, where he says “the decision to educate ordinary citizens about how their taxes are spent is inspired: it is one of those apparently small innovations which over time can generate profound cultural changes”. I don’t regard this as a positive thing, and this is the comment thereon that I left on his blog:

The little printout we will receive of “how our money is spent” is just fraud and spin. It will show that all the money we pay in tax is well-spent on health, education, defence, social security, etc., with not a penny wasted. We already get a breakdown of our council tax in this way.

The chart will not break down as separate items spending on multiculturalism, spending on quangos that should be closed down, expenses by civil servants (drumming lessons?), inflated public-sector salaries, etc.

Spending, e.g. on the education system, will be listed as 100% “for education”, despite the capture of the public sector by the producer interest. Will teachers who refuse to teach traditional subjects and instead spend their days enhancing hysteria on race and culture be listed separately? Will the refusal of teachers to use the “phonics first” method of teaching reading be listed separately? Will non-courses at university be listed separately? Of course not, because that would show that much of the money is being wasted–or even spent in a way that contradicts its stated purpose.

MoD spending–“all for defence”, right? Despite the fact that bureaucrats outnumber soldiers in the UK–a ratio that is many times in excess of that in other countries? The pie chart we will receive will show not one penny wasted–100% of defence spending “for defence”–with nothing listed as bureaucratic waste owing to the capture of the defence budget by MoD scroungers in the civil service.

So Peter, you are quite foolish to welcome fraudulent breakdowns of public expenditure, which amount to no more than propaganda for fraud and embezzlement.

3 thoughts on “Propaganda for Fiscal Embezzlement

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