Have a Heart?

by D.J. Webb I read today that Vice president Cheney of the US, 71 years of age, had had a heart transplant. I hope all those under 71 years of age were in the queue first. I don’t think people over 3 score years and ten should be anywhere near the front of the queue for such things.

While I approve of private medicine, I am talking about insurance schemes and the like, which cover the whole population – and these schemes do need to ensure that healthcare is available to all those who keep up with their insurance payments, and that the payments or copayments required are at a level that allows the low-waged to gain access to healthcare (see my Libertarian Alliance article on why wages do need to cover basic needs).

Hence, I would simply regard it as simply wrong – and indeed justification for a revolutionary overthrow of the setup of society – where young people who played the game and joined whatever healthcare system was in place unable to get heart transplants, while rich 71 year olds who, frankly, are old enough not to be sincerely lamented were they to die tomorrow, were able to “buy” the organs… I regard this item of news as deeply unpalatable.

One thought on “Have a Heart?

  1. I am more concerned about the organ donor in all this. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that a healthy organ has to be removed from a donor when his death or non-survival has been decided upon by doctors. Tissue starts to decay so soon after death, that a very prompt decision has to be made, and despite the elaborate system of donor cards and permissions, many doctors must be tempted to “write off” a donor, reasoning that an organ recipient has a better chance of life.

    All I can say is, not only do I not carry a donor card, but I make it clear to my family that I will die when I am good and ready, and I do not need any “assistance” from a doctor! That is not to say I am completely against organ transplants, nor that I would not consider being a donor. Should my son need a kidney, for example, I would donate one of mine without a second thought.

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