Let us suppose for a moment, that…

David Davis

…that Argentina, that intellectually-powerful, liberal-leaning and beneficent nation in the South Atlantic, which had done so much for 14 centuries to teach the entire world how to live, and had acquired peacefully large territories in all the continents, had got hold of the Isle of Wight in 1591: it had started settling it in 1833, and had used it as a coaling station in its World Wars to Defeat GramscoStaliNazism. It would also have settled it with its natives, perhaps a few thousand. People called “Wilson Pedrosa”, or “Davis Fandango” , or Stevenson Berlusconi, and so on. Or Sally-Anne Biedermeier. (I made all those up.)

Let us also suppose that a revanchist English-Nationalist-Socialist junta based on London, insisting on calling it the Isle of Man, and objecting to the name “Isla Cristina” or whatever Buenos-Aires-Radio was using to refer to it, went to the United Nations and accused Argentina of “colonialism”. What then?

What if also the patriotic English (under, let us say, General Antonio Blair who did so much to “disappear” the Forces-Of-Conservatism in their thousands) had gone to war in 1982 to try to capture and occupy the Isle of Wight, had managed to occupy it temperarily, but had been turfed out after 6 weeks by an Argentine expeditionary force of unconscripted soldiers, which managed to sail 6,000 miles against the odds and with the entire world arrayed against it?And the English suffered the loss of the Ark Royal and 350 sailors drowned, torpedoed in the Solent by an Argentine Sumbarine?

I just thought it was worth asking.

One thought on “Let us suppose for a moment, that…

  1. Well I suppose the English nationalists would at some point launch another ‘The Isle of Man is Ours’ campaign’-probably to make themselves look good,and the wonderful Argentines would probably trounce them again-and quite right too!

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